Next Big Update For PS4/PC's Paragon Dated And Detailed

An art overhaul, new itemization, and more.


Epic Games' action-MOBA Paragon is getting a huge patch next month, the developer announced today. It's one of the biggest patches to come this year, and it includes a bunch of significant changes, including the final part of the game's revamped art style.

In a blog post, Epic revealed that "The Next Big Update," as it refers to patch v.42, is coming to the game on August 8. The patch is headlined by the final art update to the game's map, Monolith. Epic released a screenshot of the updated visuals, and it looks pretty beautiful. You can see it below.

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The update will also include a number of other big tweaks. It completely reworks Paragon's card system, it rebalances the game's economy and gameplay, it adds a new Mastery system, and it reworks the ranged character Iggy. Although Epic didn't go into specifics on these changes, it definitely seems like they'll add up to a significant overhaul of most of the game.

In addition, Epic teased the next two characters that it's adding to the game. Later this month, Zinx will be patched in, who'll "bring mega sustain to the offlane," according to Epic. The big update in August, meanwhile, will add a ranged carry.

Finally, the studio hinted at more big patches later this year. "As we move past August and into the end of the year, we've got more updates to come," Epic said. " We'll be revisiting the HUD, updating minions and jungle monsters, working on new player onboarding, beefing up our matchmaking, and continue reworking original Heroes."

Paragon is available on PS4 and PC. Epic promises to add a new character to the game every three weeks. The most recent one to be added is Wraith, and you can read more about him here.

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