Next Assassin's Creed Game Reportedly Set During The Viking Age

Maybe there will be a For Honor Easter egg.

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Now Playing: New Assassin's Creed Game Might Be Set In The Viking Age - GS News Update

Supposedly, the next Assassin's Creed game will take place in a Viking setting, although Ubisoft hasn't yet confirmed. The new game is expected to launch in 2020, with 2019 devoted to the release of the remaining DLC for Odyssey.

Theories that the next mainline Assassin's Creed game will take place in the era of Vikings sprung up with the discovery of odd posters in The Division 2. YouTuber JorRaptor noticed that the numerous Viking posters located in The Division 2's Potomac Event Center seemed to feature a Norse god or traveller holding what appears to be an Apple of Eden. Kotaku has since confirmed from two independent sources "familiar with the game" that the next Assassin's Creed title--codenamed "Kingdom" and scheduled for 2020--stars Vikings.

One of Assassin's Creed's Pieces of Eden, the Apple, has been one of the most prominent ties in the Ubisoft franchise, with versions of it appearing in the original game, Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, Syndicate, and Origins, as well as many of the comics, novels, and the live action movie. These ancient technologies were developed by a fictional race that lived centuries prior to most of the events of the Assassin's Creed franchise, and they--along with the other Pieces of Eden--have been repeatedly used as the main source of power for history's seemingly supernatural or divine figures.

If the next Assassin's Creed does have a Viking setting, it flies in the face of fans' repeated requests for a game in Japan, and discounts the 2016 leak that revealed the franchise's next titles would be a trilogy telling the origin of the Assassin and Templar conflict--set first in Egypt, and then followed by Greece and finally Rome (although getting two out of three settings isn't that bad).

The Viking Age commonly refers to the period of time in Northern Europe between the ninth and eleventh centuries, which could put this next Assassin's Creed game anywhere between 100-400 years prior to the events of the very first game. Both Origins and Odyssey have detailed how forgotten members of history discovered the value of killing key figures as opposed to waging wars, giving rise to the Hidden Ones. But the franchise still hasn't shown how the Hidden Ones become the Assassin Brotherhood seen in the first game, nor how their enemies, The Order of Ancients, become the Assassins' foes, The Templar Order, also seen in the first game.

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God of Skyrim Assassins War Creed.

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Well, if they did set the next AC game in Japan they've have really picked the worst timing for it. Had they done so a few years ago though they'd be ahead of all the other games that are coming out now, like Sekiro that has just been released.

China would still be a good option, but they've already set a PS title there and seem to not want to reuse scenarios for the proper games for some reason. As if anyone had played those PSP games.

Avatar image for Peasly

Sounds good. I hope there's not too much boat activity as it seems Vikings did a lot of travelling by boat to conquer an area. May be too much like Black Flag.. Hope not..

Origins was the best for me. Think it had the right balance going on whereas Odyssey gave me open world fatigue.. Good game although i could not finish it.

Feel like Japan or China would maybe be a good place to base the next AC..? ;)

Avatar image for mark5225

Do Aztecs and the Templar’s can be Cortez’s invading Spanish army trying to find the apple

Avatar image for listerofsmeg

i'll play Ubisoft games again when they stop deliberately uglifying women in video games. Women in Greece and Egypt were and still are very attractive yet Ubisoft manages to make all women look like feet.

Avatar image for mark5225

@listerofsmeg: best comment you made me bust out laughing 😂

Avatar image for gamerforlife96

@listerofsmeg: lol

Avatar image for doctor_mg

Vikings would be a fun setting, but not for Assassins Creed. I think Rome would have been a better alternative. I know they've technically done Rome (I think it was 16th century), but having one set in a few year 44 B.C.E. would be really interesting.

Avatar image for skippert

@doctor_mg: I think their engine is built very well to do Vikings. They have had plenty of practice with the boat mechanic now and I can see myself raiding plenty of villages in the same manner that Vikings did.

Avatar image for chippiez

When are we going to get a woke Sub-saharan Shaka Zulu AC complete with transgendered Asian NPCs and evil white men colonialists? I'm sure that's what Ubi really wants to make.

Avatar image for dervish_twirl

@chippiez: You're trying to be snarky or whatever, but that scenario would be awesome. The Templars as aggressive colonialists would be great!

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@dervish_twirl: Would feel like a bit of a repeat of AC3 honestly aka coming from a native background. Not sure how it would work though as AC3's story was sort of bitter sweet sure he beat the templars backing the US revolutionaries but there was slavery, he lost all his people and the same people he supported seized land plus killed natives. In an African Zulu scenario I'm not sure how it work as the British, French etc etc quickly conquered a lot of land due to being up against people with spears and shields rather than rifles.

They cut it from the game but Connor made an awesome speech at the end:

Avatar image for aross2004

@chippiez: You can't spell ignorant without rant...

Avatar image for Destructionzz

I loved Origins, thought it was a step in the right direction for the series. Odyssey was disappointing though, I rarely drop a game I start but after 80 hrs it became a drag, the game is way too bloated, who wants to check off icons like a mad man and get seemingly nowhere. That game would take like 300+ hours to complete by my rough estimation, if done 100% (only way I roll). It wasn't even that good or fun.

I've kept up with the series, excluding some games, out of habit but Odyssey made me think I've had enough, that these games simply don't offer enough to be worth the time, time that could be invested in so many other choices. So if I had a wish for the future AC it would be please make the next one more like Origins, and less like Odyssey. Why the latter is praised is beyond me. It's an awfully flawed, mediocre game.

Avatar image for eli150

@Destructionzz: Agreed. Origins was a step in the right direction. Odyssey had good combat with some good skills but the story was kind of mediocre and the world is just too big without any real reason to explore it. Some quests were ok but a lot of them were kind of bad. I gave up 100% the game but finished the story

Avatar image for dacontag

They're really doing everything they can to avoid placing the game in Japan.

Avatar image for rzagtx

Mehhh same game nothing new boring as hell. After god of war who can dare goes to the north???honestly???odyssey and origin have identity crysis. They are not either Ac game nor that zelda/witcher/monster hunter they want to be. I am sure the new game Has the exact menus exact combat same upgrades and even same animations. I dont know why people play ubisoft games.

Avatar image for millionsedge

Meh. Same game, different skins.

Avatar image for JEF8484

Nice, I dig it.

Avatar image for kaiserdisco

i would definitely prefer the viking age to ancient rome. Although i think both would be pretty cool, I feel like Scandinavia would feel much more unique.

Avatar image for dervish_twirl

@kaiserdisco: AC with Vikings makes no damn sense. AC in ancient Rome makes all the cents.

Avatar image for RELeon

I wouldn't complain. I enjoyed the Egyptian and Greek settings with the last 2 games. Vikings would be a nice new twist. Leaves a lot of room to create a unique story, I think.

Avatar image for dervish_twirl


"nice new twist" No it would be typical when you consider all the games set in viking age Scandinavia.

Avatar image for primetime-paa

@RELeon: They could still go the route of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empires. The next one could just focus on the war between the Romans and the Celtic tribes. So not too far fetched. They could also still use their boat combat system and fight Vikings aka raiders/bandits/pirates.

Avatar image for aross2004

Not sure vikings were big on stealth, unless it's just becoming a pure brawler.

Avatar image for skippert

@aross2004: Depends how you look at it. There are plenty of stealthy tactics that the Vikings used. Locking the doors to halls while their opponents sat inside celebrating and setting the whole thing on fire. The fact that a raid by longboat was very difficult to predict and even in norse mythology there is a character called Sigurd that in some tales (there are multiple versions) has a cloak of invisibility and kills a dragon called Fagnir by stabbing it from a hole that he had dug and was hiding in. Common misconception I think is that people believe that all Vikings adhered by a honourcode and that this was followed to the letter forgetting that Vikings were also humans.

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Next one is Ancient Rome to complete the ancient history trilogy of Origins and Odyssey which in a leak before Origin hinted that Egypt, Greece and Rome would be settings two of which have come true. But this and Japan could come after as Japan has been teased before too.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

Only a day behind IGN with this 'news', GameSpot. A poster of a Viking with the word Valhalla doesn't really mean anything yet.

Avatar image for Oloryn

I actually think this could be really cool. The AC games have done a great job of really painting a great historical picture for gamers to consume (even if not perfectly), and as much as people like to think they know about Vikings, well, they probably don't know much, likely. I love ancient Greece and have been having a blast with the authenticity and detail put into Odyssey, so anything Norse could be fantastic. Sure, I'm always rallying for Japan or China, as I think they are landscapes and cultures perfect for adapting a series about assassins, but in the meantime, I'll happily take vikings if done right.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@Oloryn: I got the impression Ubi had a get out of jail free card with the 'Chronicles' games so it would seem a little samey for them to do a China or Japan one considering they covered the former along with Russia and India. Yes I know those games weren't quite as grandiouse compared to their big brothers but it would still be doing the same period setting twice

Avatar image for Oloryn

@ryuburger: That's a really great point. I wasn't a major fan of the Chronicles games and would love to see a proper visit, but yeah, thats a good thought about them buying time avoiding those eras with those games.

Avatar image for jagdedge124

Again, i think a great era to explore, but sword combat on AC games aren't very good. It always seems i'm looking for "Dark Souls" like sword combat. I always thought AC did very good with the guns like in AC 3 or Rogue if they got you into some bigger battles. Would've loved a Civil War theme.

Avatar image for RELeon

@jagdedge124: Could still very well happen. If they keep making them, a Civil War era game might happen. I think that could be a cool time to base a game.

Avatar image for Lord_Sesshy

Look at the people complaining already and it's not even announced yet, it's just theories. Though personally I think it sounds great if true. I love the new AC formula (though I skipped Odyssey) so this one would be very appealing.

Avatar image for Fartman7998

It's coming out next year? Jesus. They're developing these games so fast, I hardly have time to ignore one entry before the next one comes out.

Avatar image for owizeisme1

Vikings really. I can already see how the armor and weapons would look. LIKE EVERY OTHER SKYRIM CHARACTER OR ENEMY in ODYSSSEY!! So basically the same medieval crap. Japan wouldve been the way to go!! Why TF do they keep avoiding ninjas n samurai and our money?? I get artistic expression n all, but they are clearly avoiding what would work.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

Bahahahahahahahahaha good lord Ubisoft just kill this series already.

Avatar image for gunnyninja

@greaseman1985: I never expected to learn so much about history playing a game. Origins and Odyssey are more than just entertainment. This trend could go on for a while. And should.

Avatar image for Barighm

@greaseman1985: It's fine if they just drop the modern storyline. That's been dead for years, now. And the educational modes are pretty cool.

Avatar image for primetime-paa

@Barighm: This. The modern storyline is hot trash.