Nexagon: Deathmatch E3 2003 Preshow Report

Strategy First's upcoming real-time strategy game will allow players to construct gladiatorial arenas.


Strategy First will have its upcoming real-time strategy game Nexagon: Deathmatch on exhibit at E3 2003. The game has a similar theme to Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 action film The Running Man. In Nexagon's bleak futuristic world, a major form of entertainment involves putting criminals in arenas to fight each other for their freedom. The battles are then televised for the amusement of a bored general public. Each side has a base control point called a nexus. These become the focal points of battle as each side tries to infiltrate the other's base to capture the nexus.

Each match in Nexagon begins with a basic level editor, which you use to design your base. You can erect barriers, traps, static defenses, and other types of defenses in order to thwart enemy infiltrators. Another important base feature is the dispenser device, which certain units can use to spawn health and ammo power-ups. You can even build special decorations that increase your popularity with spectators, an important aspect of advancing in the game. During battle, you'll create units called thralls to try to break into the enemy base and capture its nexus. You'll also be able to use your units to man base-defense turrets to fight off incoming attackers. Experience gained from a victory can be transferred over to help you in the next battle. Four different races are available in Nexagon: tekhan, strunar, ghandros, and olfrum. Four different units are available for each race, and they all have their own special abilities, ranging from short-term invisibility to special auras that can affect nearby allies or enemies.

Nexagon is scheduled to ship this summer for the PC. We'll have more information on the game as it becomes available.

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