NewsSpots: Ubisoft on PS3, SOE Fan Faire, Namco Museum Wii, BioWare talent search

Yves Guillemot says Sony must slash console prices, SOE event to debut new title, old games revamped, and RPG developer looks for amateur designers.


Namco Museum Remix

Ubisoft CEO says PS3 price must come down
Following the lackluster sales of the PlayStation 3 in April, the CEO of one of the top third-party publishers has called for the console's price to come down. Speaking at a Reuters technology summit, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot expressed his belief that the gaming platform's price is putting off many would-be buyers. Reuters reported Guillemot as saying that Sony needs to lower the price "quite significantly" and predicting that Sony would certainly have a reduced share of the market in this generation of consoles. As for Ubisoft's PS3 support, Guillemot said the publisher was planning a game exclusive to the system, for release in Europe.

SOE to debut next game at Fan Faire
Diehard PC gamers torn between attending BlizzCon or QuakeCon during the first week of August this year now have a third -Con from which to choose. Or, more accurately, a Faire. Sony Online Entertainment today announced that it will hold its annual Fan Faire August 2-4 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. To entice fans to the show, SOE has already said it will have its new online game make its worldwide debut at the event. The publisher hopes to draw more than 1,500 people to the event, with tournaments, costume contests, a silent auction, and glimpses of its upcoming lineup of games.

Namco Museum Remix-ed for Wii
Namco Bandai Games has had news of several unannounced games leak out through online retailers this year, the most recent of which has proven to be Namco Museum Remix for the Wii. Officially announced today (but spotted online back in March), Namco Museum Remix includes five games revamped to take advantage of the Wii Remote (Galaga, Pac 'n Roll, Rally-X, Pac-Motos, and Gator Panic), as well as nine games in their original arcade forms (Galaxian, Dig Dug, Mappy, Xevious, Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Mania, Gaplus, and Cutie Q). The game is currently slated for a fall release.

BioWare holding talent contest
Besides putting the final coat of paint on its forthcoming Xbox 360 action role-playing game Mass Effect, BioWare is also soliciting job applications in the form of a contest for amateur game designers. While the prizes don't actually include a job with the company, BioWare is running it with an eye toward finding new designers for its Austin studio. To enter, would-be designers need to create a module for the original Neverwinter Nights using the Aurora toolset that shows off creative level design, scripting abilities, ability to create cinematic moments, and more. Visit BioWare's contest page for the full rules.

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