NewsSpots: Stranglehold, Eternal Sonata, Mercury Meltdown, more

New 360 demos downloadable, Wii puzzler priced, World of Warcraft gets <i>South Park</i> DVD tie-in, and Agetec announces US Fire Pro.

Sample the diving, twisting, shooting action of Midway's Stranglehold.
Sample the diving, twisting, shooting action of Midway's Stranglehold.

Stranglehold, Eternal Sonata demos light up Xbox Live Marketplace
Two more game demos have arrived on the Xbox 360's downloadable content service, as this week saw the release of trial versions of Midway's Hard-Boiled pseudosequel Stranglehold, as well as Namco Bandai's musically minded role-playing game Eternal Sonata. The Stranglehold demo will eat up 1.3GB of hard drive space, while the Eternal Sonata sample consumes a more economical 584MB.

Mercury Meltdown for Wii priced at $19.99
Next-gen gaming doesn't necessarily have to carry a next-gen price tag. Ignition Entertainment has announced that its Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii will arrive in stores on September 25 sporting a budget $19.99 price point. The game was already released in Europe in June, and met with a warm critical reception.

South Park Season 10 DVD set to include free trial of World of Warcraft
Last year's South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" was created with the help of World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment, and earned the show an Emmy nomination. The studio and the TV show are working together once again, as the just-announced 10th season DVD set for the show--scheduled for an August 21 release--will include a free 14-day trial edition of World of Warcraft. An image of the main characters in their bloated, pimply, WOW-addicted state adorns the cover of the box set, which also includes the Wii-centric two-parter "Go God Go," "Manbearpig," and "The Return of Chef."

Agetec confirms Fire Pro Wrestling's return to North America
Spike's long-running Fire Pro Wrestling series has entered the ring on many platforms in Japan, but it's only had a couple of Game Boy Advance bouts in North America. News that the latest installment on the PlayStation 2 would be brought Stateside by niche publisher Agetec first bubbled up last month, but today the publisher officially announced it. The publisher also narrowed the possible release window of the game, saying it would be in stores during the holiday season this year.

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