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Nintendo promises daily updates to fighter site, Warcraft dev makes a wish come true, Star Wars MMOG gets a new chapter, Bethesda reveals more postapocalyptic concept art.


Smash Bros. Brawl site goes live with daily updates
Gamers desperate for news on Nintendo's new Wii installment of the Super Smash Bros. series may want to bookmark the game's official Web site, which is now promising new updates every weekday. To kick things off, the site updated three times today, with a basic gameplay primer for those new to the series, a look at one of the game's stages, and a list of dozens of musicians composing tunes for the game. The impressive list includes a number of notable names, from Koji Kondo (Zelda, Super Mario Bros.) to Yuzo Koshiro (ActRaiser, Streets of Rage).

Blizzard makes a wish come true
When the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave 10-year-old brain tumor patient Ezra Chatterton the chance to make a dream come true, the gamer didn't ask to meet a rock star, or his favorite football player. He wanted to meet the gang at Blizzard responsible for World of Warcraft. According to a report from The Orange County Register, Chatterton spent a day at the developer earlier this month, where he recorded voice work and designed weapons, characters, and a quest for the game. Blizzard also bumped Chatterton's character up from level 63 to 70 and loaded him up with gold, armor, and a custom-made crossbow.

Star Wars Galaxies opens new chapter
In other massively multiplayer online gaming news, Sony Online Entertainment has released the latest expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. Titled "Masters of the Wild," Chapter 6 brings a new beast master expertise system into the game, as well as a series of new quests for players from level 85 to 90 and a new "storyteller event system." Visit the official Web site for more.

Here's to men...
Here's to men...

Fallout 3 site reveals new teaser image
With just two weeks left before the release of the first trailer for Bethesda Softworks' postapocalyptic sequel to the classic Interplay sci-fi role-playing series, the publisher has released another teaser image on its official Web site. The pic shows four men in the middle of a devastated commercial area, standing triumphant over what appears to be a suit of power armor. Previous teaser images have shown a bombed-out Washington, DC, a barren desert wasteland, and an aircraft carrier run aground in the Washington Navy Yard.

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