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NewsSpots: Sam and Max, Lost Planet, PlayStation 3

Sam and Max Steamed, Lost Planet mapped, PS3 firmware updated.


Telltale's adventure series headed to Steam
Earlier this year, Telltale games announced it would be bringing its Sam & Max series to retail shelves this August. In the meantime, the company announced today it would expand the adventure game series' reach online by bringing it to Steam, Valve Software's popular digital-distribution platform. Episodes run for $8.95 a piece, with a 10 percent discount available for their first week of release. For those new to the series, episodes one, two, and three and episodes four, five, and six can be bought bundled together. The two bundles run for $19.95 each.

New maps coming to Capcom's sci-fi shooter June 21
Capcom announced today that the third of three Lost Planet map packs promised to be forthcoming last February will be available on Xbox Live come June 21. Map Pack #3 will include three maps: Lost Technology, which Capcom somewhat mysteriously describes as a throwback to 8-bit gaming; Ruins, set within a jungle; and Ice Drop, which is set on a glacier. Including the first two map packs and the free map released last week, Capcom will have made available a total of eight multiplayer maps over Xbox Live. Map Pack #3 will cost gamers 400 Microsoft points ($5).

PS3 firmware now v1.81
The v1.81 PlayStation 3 firmware update was released today and fixes a minor RGB issue. The issue arose when gamers who connected their PS3s to their TV with a HDMI cable set the picture quality to "full." Sometimes the picture would revert back to a "limited" setting, and the latest firmware will fix this glitch. PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel explained the update on the official PlayStation Blog, where he added that, "we are continually evaluating and improving PS2 software compatibility too."

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