NewsSpots: Penny Arcade, Saga, Jenga

Valve gets episodic webcomics, Wahoo opens up beta, Hasbro game going digital.


Jenga World Tour

Penny Arcade comics headed to Steam
Valve sends along word today that Penny Arcade's triweekly updated game-centric webcomics will be offered through the publisher's downloadable-game service, Steam. New comics will be available to all Steam users at no charge. In recent months, Valve has partnered with several publishers to bring episodic content to Steam, not the least of which being Telltale Games' Sam and Max series. Penny Arcade has its own episodic adventure game in development at Hothead Games, which it plans to make available in the future as a downloadable offering for PCs and possibly next-gen consoles.

Wahoo's Saga enters open testing
Wahoo Studios this week announced its free-to-play massively multiplayer online game has entered an open beta stage. Saga offers a unique persistent-world real-time strategy game where players can choose between five different factions and maintain armies of more than 100 unique troops types. Players can choose to purchase "booster packs" that contain random troops and spells, similar to a collectible card game. Interested parties can sign up for the MMORTS through the publisher's Web site.

Atari stacking Jenga blocks on Wii, DS
Adding to the influx of board games rushing to consoles, Atari today revealed it would be bringing Hasbro's classic block-stacking game Jenga to the Nintendo Wii and DS. Developed by Atomic Planet, Jenga has been designed specifically to take advantage of both systems' unique control schemes. Power-ups and other enhancements have also been added in to provide a new twist. Jenga will ship for both the Wii and DS this November.

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