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NewsSpots: Naruto, Test Drive, Duck Hunting, MS exec on Home

Namco's anime game is returning to PS2, Atari's driving game gets new rides, wildlife shooter heads for Wii, and Microsoft's Shane Kim takes a swipe at Sony's online service.


Naruto strikes June 12
Namco Bandai has announced today that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 will be sneaking onto the PlayStation 2 June 12. Ultimate Ninja 2 picks up where the first game in the series left off and will follow Naruto and his cohorts through the anime's storyline. The game also packs in an original story as well as several other gameplay modes, including a two-player duel mode.

Test Drive Unlimited hits fourth gear
Atari has been updating Test Drive Unlimited's garage with new rides to cruise the mean streets of Oahu, Hawaii. This month sees seven new rides added to the cavalcade, including the Dino 246 GT, Ferrari Challenge Stradale, Cadillac Cien, RUF RK Spyder, Lamborghini MurciƩlago Roadster, TVR T440R, and Saturn Curve. Of those, the Saturn Curve is free for download.

Ultimate Duck Hunt coming to Wii, snickering dog not included
Gamers pining for a Wii update to the original Nintendo Entertainment System light gun game now have some solace on the horizon in Ultimate Duck Hunt, from upstart publisher Detn8 Games. Trading in the NES Zapper for the Wii Remote, players will brandish name-brand weapons, camo gear, and other tools of the trade, accompanied and assisted by a trainable, and presumably less sardonic, Labrador retriever. Encompassing four modes of play, Ultimate Duck Hunt is set to unleash the hounds in July.

Microsoft VP takes shot at Sony Home
As corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim isn't in this business to play nice with the competition. In a recent interview with Shacknews, Kim expressed his skepticism of competitor Sony Computer Entertainment's upcoming Home online service. "I doubt [Sony's] ability to implement it and execute it in a really rich and compelling way," he said. Kim goes on to say that Xbox Live is more appealing to gamers because it was built around gaming features, and the social aspects of it have been layered on to that preexisting infrastructure.

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