NewsSpots: Hour of Victory, DiRT, Heroes of Mana

Midway's World War II shooter and Codemasters' Colin McRae sequel get demos, while Square Enix dates DS game.


Hour of Victory demo is nigh
The World War II first-person shooter is a crowded genre, so Midway will need to play its cards right to make the upcoming Hour of Victory stand out from the competition. One move that might help is the release of a free single-player teaser demo, which Midway has set to go up on the Xbox Live Marketplace Wednesday, May 30. The demo will let players try all three of the game's protagonists in the North Africa level.

Take Colin McRae: DiRT for a test drive
After a two-year hiatus, Colin McRae is once again getting behind the steering-wheel attachment next month in DiRT: Colin McRae Off-Road for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Gamers wondering if the year off has left the series rusty can check out a demo of the Xbox 360 version released today on Xbox Live. For more on DiRT, read through GameSpot's latest preview.

Heroes of Mana to save the day in August
Square Enix has nailed down August 14 as the release date for its upcoming Nintendo DS game Heroes of Mana. The latest installment in the Secret of Mana universe brings the series into the real-time strategy genre with touch-screen support and online multiplayer through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For more on Heroes of Mana, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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