NewsSpots: GRAW2, Gods and Heroes, Dead Rising, more

Ubisoft's shooter gets a demo, Perpetual MMOG beta takes names, plus news on Capcom zombie game, Audition, Lost Planet, Blizzard competitions.


GRAW2 multiplayer demo coming to PC
Three months removed from its console debut, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is nearly set to be unleashed on PCs. To tide the clamoring crowd over, Ubisoft has announced a multiplayer demo for the modern-day first-person shooter, to be available June 7. The demo includes the new Calavera map, as well as two modes: team deathmatch and the new recon versus assault, where the elite Ghost squad must storm a rebel encampment. As with the original Advanced Warfighter, Swedish developer GRIN is on PC-development duty. Expect the full retail version to hit PCs June 26.

Gods and Heroes beta sign-ups start
Beta season is upon us, it would seem. Closed beta sign-ups have begun for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, Perpetual Entertainment's upcoming massively multiplayer online game set in the antiquity. Gods and Heroes posits players in the role of a direct descendant of Olympus who's tasked with saving the Empire from beasts of legend. Players have the unique ability to command their own squadrons while battling mythological monsters. Published under Sony Online Entertainment's growing umbrella of MMOGs, it is slated to launch this fall.

Nexon's dance MMOG seeing success
Two months in, and Nexon's latest free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Audition has logged 100,000 subscribers in North America. The game features rhythm-based cooperative and competitive gameplay as well as extensive avatar customization. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Nexon applies a microtransaction-based business model, where the game is free but users can purchase items to enhance their experience with real-world cash. Earlier this year, Nexon announced another of its microtransaction-based games, MapleStory, had hit 3 million North American users, in three months, no less.

Free map headed to X360 Lost Planet
Those who purchased Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Collector's Edition were greeted with a bonus multiplayer map among the other goodies packed in. That map, Battleground, will soon be free to everyone else. Capcom today has announced that Battleground will be available for download over Xbox Live Marketplace beginning June 7. Set in a desolate, frigid abandoned town, the map features indoor, outdoor, and multilevel combat. Also available over XBL are Map Pack #1 and Map Pack #2, both going for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

WOW, WCIII regional finals at House of Blues
Human hordes are officially encouraged to descend on San Diego's House of Blues. Blizzard will be hosting the regional finals for two games from its flagship franchise, World of Warcraft and Warcraft III. Competitors from the massively multiplayer sect will battle it out in five-versus-five player-versus-player combat. For the real-time strategy crowd, combatants will face off mano a mano. Cash prizes and a ticket to BlizzCon 2007 are on the line. Admission is free, and the action begins June 2 at 11 a.m. PDT and lasts through June 3.

Dead Rising hits 1M milestone, XBL content
Attributed as one half of the success driving Capcom to beat its earnings projections, Dead Rising has sold 1 million copies, according to the publisher. Capcom is celebrating the milestone with a bevy of downloadables available over Xbox Live. Coming gratis from the downloadable content are three costumes: a pure white suit, an accountant's duds, and a striped suit. Two picture packs and two themes round out the content. The picture packs will go for 50 Microsoft points ($0.62) and the themes will set gamers back 150 Microsoft points ($1.87).

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