NewsSpots: DS Browser, Resistance, Overlord, Lost Planet

Nintendo's handheld Internet-ready; Insomniac shooter update delayed; Overlord demo hits XBL; Lost Planet gets free map; Akella unveils sci-fi shooter; Weblo sells virtual England, Scholastic entering game scene.


DS Lite browser hits retail, original DS browser online-only
When Nintendo announced it would be bringing the Opera-developed Nintendo DS Web browser to North America, it came with the caveat that only the DS Lite version would see retail shelves. True to word, Opera Software has announced today that both versions of the Nintendo DS Browser are available through Nintendo's online store, with the DS Lite version also being available at video game retail locations. The DS-optimized browser affords Nintendo handheld owners Internet access through their preexisting Wi-Fi connections, or through one of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connect hotspots. A suggested retail price of $29.99 has been set.

Resistance update delayed
Resistance: Fall of Man, the premiere PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter from Insomniac Games, was set to receive a content update on June 7. Included in the update would be several maps, as well as the addition of two new multiplayer modes. However, that update did not come. According to Sony representatives, problems arose during final testing of the game's global server, which allows for international play, and a fix could not be prepared in time for the scheduled release. A new date for the content update has not yet been announced.

Codemasters releases Xbox 360 Overlord demo
Codemasters today announced an Xbox 360 demo for its morally challenged god game Overlord is now available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Featured in the demo is a romp through the Mellow Hills, where players can command brown, fighter-centric minions to sack and loot the surrounding countryside and then dispatch with a troll. Rated T for Teen, Overlord is slated to release June 26 on the Xbox 360 and PC. A PC demo is also in the works, with Codemaster's Web site currently erroneously reporting one to be now available.

Free Battleground map now available
Along with Dead Rising getting a content update for hitting the 1 million-sold milestone, Capcom announced Lost Planet would see a free multiplayer map headed to Xbox Live Marketplace. Battleground, a bonus map included in the game's collector's edition, is now available for free over Xbox Live. Set in an abandoned town, Battleground features both indoor and outdoor fighting areas. Battleground marks the fifth map to hit XBL, with Radar Field and Island 902 coming from Map Pack #1 and Hive Complex and Trial Point available from Map Pack #2. Both Map Packs go for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

Battle for Fatherland coming from Akella
Partnering with Primal Software, Russian developer and publisher Akella announced it would be developing a new sci-fi third-person action game. Titled 2025: Battle for Fatherland, the game will feature more than 20 missions, as well as an array of customization options and weapons. It will also make use of the same engine powering Heavy Duty, which is slated for release later this year. Akella has most recently put out a PC version for the Pirates of the Caribbean video game adaptation. A release date or rating information has not yet been announced for 2025: Battle for Fatherland.

Weblo crowning digital royalty
With real-world realtors beginning to ply their trade in Second Life, the online real-estate market is turning out to be a lucrative venture. But for those not interested in Linden Labs creations, Weblo has brought to auction real-world locations to the digital world. The company announced today that beginning June 14, interested individuals can now bid to own England. The highest bidder will be crowned on July 12. Past purchases include California being bought for $53,000, New York City for $20,000, and Texas for $24,000.

Kid-friendly media producer bringing two to the DS
The casual market has been garnering a lot of attention lately. Scholastic Media, producer of kid-friendly film and TV programming such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, I Spy, and Goosebumps, today announced they will be entering the video game market. Its first offerings, I Spy Fun House and Animal Genius, will be for the Nintendo DS and should be out later this year. As with its other products, the games will focus on education and learning.

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