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NewsSpots: Dead Head Fred, Treasure Island Z, Digimon, 'Nam on DS

D3's PSP star gets a voice, Capcom renames Wii puzzle adventure game, Namco Bandai returns to digital monster battling, and Majesco brings the DS "in country."

"Now there's a straight shooter with upper management written all over him."

John C. McGinley voices Dead Head Fred
Veteran actor John C. McGinley has played a soulless corporate drone in Office Space, a heartless surgeon in Scrubs, and a spineless sergeant in Platoon. Now he's going to get a chance to play a headless private detective out for revenge, because D3Publisher of America has enlisted McGinley to provide a voice for the main character of its upcoming PlayStation Portable game, Dead Head Fred. The darkly comic third-person action game is set to ship to North American stores on August 21.

Treasure Island Z renamed
Capcom has settled on a name for its upcoming Wii puzzle adventure game, previously known under the working title Treasure Island Z. Henceforth, the game will be called Zach & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. In the appropriately titled game, players take control of would-be pirate Zach and his flying monkey sidekick, Wiki, as they search for the treasure of legendary pirate Barbaros.

Digimon multiplying
Namco Bandai Games today announced a trio of new Digimon games for US audiences set for release this fall. First up is Digimon World Data Squad for the PlayStation 2. The role-playing game challenges players to collect and evolve more than 140 different monsters and features a storyline tied to the upcoming cartoon Digimon Data Squad. That show will also serve as the basis for Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk for the DS. The two games tell the same story from different perspectives and include more than 400 Digimon between them.

Majesco takes DS on Operation: Vietnam
Majesco is taking Nintendo's current handheld on a tour of duty. The company today announced Operation: Vietnam for the DS. Developed by Coyote Console and set for release this fall, Operation: Vietnam is a squad-based action game that Majesco says relies on run-and-gun, arcade-style action. When a helicopter sent to extricate troops from a Vietnamese jungle crashes, players must take command of a squad of soldiers surrounded by Viet Cong and "fend off repeated assaults while liberating oppressed villagers."

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