Newest Densha de Go! Pocket on track

The latest entry in the long-running train sim will take PSP gamers on a virtual tour of the Japanese Tokkaido Line.


Densha de Go! Pocket Toukaidousen Hen

Densha de Go! Pocket Toukaidousen Hen for the Sony PlayStation Portable will allow tired, bored Japanese train commuters the luxury of at least trying out a different commute. According to news agency Goo, this installment of the railroad simulation covers the Tokkaido Line, which connects the scenic cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe--an area that covers 28 train stations and 75.9 kilometers of track. A variety of trains, from locals and expresses to sleeping cars, will be available.

This latest title will adopt some elements that made Densha de Go! Final for the PlayStation 2 a success, such as assuming the role of conductor rather than driver. The scoring system uses the Chain System found in Final, which awards a score multiplier that increases if the player continuously does well. The game will also have an easier Enjoy mode for those seeking less simulation and more action. Densha de Go! Pocket Toukaidousen Hen will go on sale in Japan July 27 for 3,990 yen (about US $34).

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