New Zelda game Hyrule Warriors gets release date for Japan

Hyrule Warriors scheduled to launch in August this year for Wii U.

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Hack and slash action game Hyrule Warriors will be released in Japan in August this year. The game is set in the Legends of Zelda universe, and is a collaboration between Nintendo and Dynasty Warriors series developer Tecmo Koei.

According to Siliconera, the most recent issue of Famitsu magazine reported a scheduled release date of August 17 for Hyrule Warriors. There has not been confirmation on whether the game will be released outside of Japan. The game is reported to be in development exclusively for the Wii U.

Hyrule Warriors will be set in the Legend of Zelda Universe. In it, players will control Link in melee combat to fight a large number of enemies. The game will also feature common weapons from prior games in the Legend of Zelda series including swords, bombs, and Link's signature spin attack.

For more on Hyrule Warriors, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Hyrule Warriors just like Dynasty Warriors, but with some different concept, soon or later there going to come out with a Hyrule Warriors Xtreme Ledgends lol

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Really wish Nintendo could just release their games at the same time in Japan and America! Want to play Hyrule Warriors so good!

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Hyrule Warriors has to come to North America and the Pal Regions. The Wii U needs more games so having a Japan only release of Hyrule Warriors is not the best option for Nintendo. The Wii U needs a legend of Zelda game. A re-release of Gamecube's Legend of Zelda Windwaker does not count. Since most Nintendo fans have played it in 2003.

Hyrule Warriors can fill the void until a proper Wii U legend of Zelda game arrives in 2016/2017

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@Megavideogamer the console itself is a filler. Don't get me wrong, I love Sonic All star Racing and....well that's pretty much it. wind Waker HD looks AMAZING(got the Zelda bundle), but it's nothing new. Now I can't wait to get my hands on Mario Kart. It will be the only game I play this summer. They do need more quality titles, but they went the solo way and don't really care about 3rd party. If Nintendo WiiU had 3rd party support, and games like Skyrim, this would be the only console I would be using, along with my Ps3. But it seems the retards at Nintendo can't understand this concept.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There are plenty of good games on the system. Just because you have remarkably narrow tastes in games doesn't change that.

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PLEASE come to the USA, I will buy this for sure! Maybe we can get a petition to have it come to the USA? I loved Dynasty Warriors, and this combined with it, will be even better!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Relax it's coming out in the US, They wouldn't show it off in the English Nintendo Direct if it wasn't.

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Almost all Dynasty Warriors and Zelda games have come to North America so I'm sure this one will too.

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Should read "Zelda SPINOFF game Hyrule Warriors gets release date for Japan.

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So is this the fist console release game to take advantage of Nintendo's licensing of their IP to other developers like franchises?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Is it different than situations like Donkey Kong Country (Rare), Metroid Prime (RetroStudios), Metroid Other M (Team Ninja), Link in SoulCaliburII (Namco)? If so, sure. If not, no.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That's my question.

The games you listed were either first party or second party games.

For those games Nintendo was publishing. Is Nintendo publishing this "Zelda" game?

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if you enjoy DW you will probably enjoy this game since it always the same thing...

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Ill get this for the lulz but I wanna hear something on the real Zelda game theyve been working on...

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I know one game I'm getting when it crosses the pacific :)

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hahahahah what the hell are they thinking?

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Game looks cool. I will probably wait for the actual Zelda game before I buy a Wii U though.

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game will be cool

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Hope the story is good, and fits the "Legend" timeline as canon... Otherwise, I'll skip it and wait for a proper "Zelda". ;)

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It's Dynasty Warriors set in the Zelda universe. It isn't "the new Zelda" - if you hate Dynasty Warriors don't bother, because you'll hate this. But as someone that likes the mindless fun of Dynasty Warriors, I think this looks interesting!

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Zelda game? not so much.

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This game actually looks pretty cool.

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You guys do realize this isnt the next full fledged zelda game right? A new zelda title will hopefully be announced this year at e3!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they do not

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I could see how this game would work in the Zelda universe. Bring this to the US!

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What console do you have?

I'm still not sure which console to buy.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Right now all I have is a PS3 with a dead BluRay player lol. But I have been holding off on purchasing any next gen console, my first purchase will be a PS4 because of Octodad and SS. Im waiting after E3 to see if Nintendo announces a Mario Sunshine 2 so I can get a WiiU and work on the backlog until that game comes out. And I am waiting on the XB1 for Quantum Break.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I always get all three consoles like GameCube, Xbox and PS2. Except for last gen only Wii and PS3. This time I want to get all three again and yes that Mario Kart Bundle has my name all over it, I just want to hear what Nintendo has planned for E3 ( Are they going to continue supporting WiiU and if so a New 3D Mario game, hopefully Sunshine 2).

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@jrcast84 @snk0610 wow :)

So you have lots of consoles to buy.:)

I actually can't decide between Wii U and PS4.

Both of them seems to be great consoles.

I might get a Wii U soon.

The Wii U Mario Kart bundle is a really great deal.

I can always buy PS4 later.

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game sux

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I'm calling "Shenanigans" on the Article Title!

I was looking at purchasing a WiiU for Mario Kart 8, a real Zelda title for the US would definetly tip the scale.

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As both a Zelda and Dynasty Warriors fan, I'm looking quite forward to this.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Have Fun.

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This looks sick. Too bad its only on Wii U

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well i mean it is a zelda game which is a nintendo IP so yeah.

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Well, as long as the Japanese gamers are happy, then we might be Nintendo happy in Australia.

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GameSpot is not ashamed of using click bait I see.

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I wonder if it is going to be released in the states this year as well. Since the localization process is next to none with NINTENDO games.

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And why couldn't you say Hyrule Warriors in the title instead of 'New Zelda game'?

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I'm hoping this is along the lines of Ninety Nine Nights. I had such a blast playing that game. That game also had other characters you could play as well. I'm hoping that a bonus character would be Zelda with magic or a Octorock FPS mode.

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You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing that headline just for extra views....