New Zelda 3DS launching November 22

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds arriving week before Black Friday; Mario Party: Island Tour also releasing that day.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will arrive exclusively for the 3DS on November 22 for $40, Nintendo announced today.

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The game will debut on that date alongside high-profile Wii U title Super Mario 3D World. Notably, both games will come to market one week before the Black Friday shopping bonanza in the United States.

Mario Party: Island Tour will also be released on November 22, Nintendo announced today.

A Link Between Worlds will be predominantly presented from a top-down perspective, while Link will be able to transform into a drawing and move across walls. This mechanic will play a major role in the game, Nintendo has said.

Nintendo also announced a brand-new handheld today: the Nintendo 2DS. It launches on October 12 and will play all 3DS games. For more, check out GameSpot's impressions of the device.

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Avatar image for SythisTaru

@Metallicwolf29 There is.

Avatar image for SS4kronos33

i am counting the days for this game.i am also wainting for a 3ds remake of majoras mask as well.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Hm, maybe I should wait for X-Mas and have someone else buy it for me. If I don't have anything else to play on my 3DS at the time(highly unlikely) then I'll have to get it myself.

Avatar image for smoothyplum26

Anyone else click on this link thinking a new 3DS was coming out? Seriously saying a New Zelda 3DS coming is deceptive, could have just said a new Zelda game coming to 3DS November 22nd.

Avatar image for tightwad34

@smoothyplum26 Only reason I didn't think of that was because I aleady knew about this. If I hadn't then I totally would have thought the same thing. The editor(s) need to sharpen up!

Avatar image for lostn

Am I the only one who thinks this game's graphics look like crap? They should have gone 2D. Or if they're going to do 3D, make it Wind Waker style. This looks very XBLA $5 quality.

Avatar image for Mayleene

@lostn You could not see this in 3D if you wanted to. Only using a 3DS is when the 3D will show.

Avatar image for lostn

@Mayleene @lostn What I meant by 3D was not stereoscopic 3D, but just polygon graphics. I do not like this art style. They should have stuck to either the original's 2D graphics, or done a cel shaded Wind Waker style 3D graphics.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

What about a European release date ? Was that announced ?

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@Metallicwolf29 You were expecting another new Zelda to launch very close to the release date of the new Zelda we are getting?

Avatar image for Redsyrup

Looks hot Nintendo. I can't wait to play it.

Avatar image for franzito

Is this some kind of A Link to the Past rip-off, homage or something?

Avatar image for Redsyrup

@franzito It's a sequel dood.

Avatar image for franzito

@Redsyrup Oh...

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Another good move for Big N, when your backs against the wall, go with milk, it does your body good.

Avatar image for translucent17

this does look pretty good but maybe that's because I have such fond memories of a link to the past, but this new ability, even though it is interesting and fun im sure, makes absolutely no sense to me, im glad it adds new game mechanics but it seems kinda absurd.

Avatar image for tightwad34

I'm pretty stoked for this. I haven't played a Zelda game since Majora's Mask. And I have been wanting to play another Zelda with a bird's eye view.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

god... with buying the zelda bundle for Wii U and a 3DS and this game I'll end up broke by new years

Avatar image for Mayleene

@bunchanumbers Kinda in the same boat but I already have a 3DS. Just need this game and the Zelda bundled WiiU. Early Christmas for me!!!!

Avatar image for ecurl143

A brand new game from Nintendo!!!! - Yay!!!!

Oh's another Zelda.......

Avatar image for franzito

@ecurl143 LOL

Avatar image for translucent17

@ecurl143 not just another Zelda, but the same Zelda they already made once, just different......

Avatar image for hadlee73

Reporter: "Link! Your new Legend of Zelda game comes out for the 3DS in November. I hear you have a brand new ability players can use in this new game. What is it?"

Link: "To turn 2D".


Avatar image for GH05T-666

This will be a great game

Avatar image for Hop103

2DS confirmed as a million seller by the end of the year.

Avatar image for Stebsis

Great year for 3DS. Hopefully Bravely Default is also coming soon

Avatar image for Shin_Gallon

This game justifies my purchase of my 3DS.

Avatar image for trollhunter2

dammit same day as tearaway for vita :/

Avatar image for gamebuyer22

@G4m3r0uTL4wZ @corrus

What is it with Nintendo fans with their victim complexes or always trying to assume things. Because apparently if you say something bad about a Nintendo game then you must be a Sony fan etc. This Zelda is just trying to cash in on nostalgia. Graphics really dont look great and the new feature of walking in walls in 2d like that game Sideways or other games is not a cool gimmick.

Avatar image for gamebuyer22

I wasnt really agreeing with him i was commenting on what the other person said about liking the Last of Us. Like i said if you say anything bad about Nintendo, instead of coming back with an arguement its always "go play Call of Duty" or pretty much anything irrational.

Avatar image for Class_Act998675

@gamebuyer22 A moron siding with a troll? Way to sacrifice your self-respect.

Avatar image for corrus

And BTW this game looks like PS1 game

Avatar image for StarsiderSajun

@corrus Because graphics are totally THAT important. If they're so important than why am I playing my PS1 at this very moment, when I could be playing Call of Duty 6 in super duper hd. Gosh I must be crazy.

Avatar image for Bellum_Sacrum

@corrus which is a good, thing considering PS1 had the best and most inventive games in history

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

@Bellum_Sacrum @corrus Because being best and inventive totally needs crap graphics, right?

Not saying graphics make the game, but come on if you're capable of better you really should try. Especially with a franchise like Zelda.

Avatar image for Stebsis

@Dragon_Nexus @Bellum_Sacrum @corrus It's a 3DS, of course it can't handle that great graphics, what did you expect? They're not capable of better. But I at least don't care because the games are great, and LttP is my favorite Zelda so this looks like a great nostalgic title anyway. I just don't get why someone wouldn't play a great game because graphics aren't on par with others, especially considering this is 3DS, a machine that I'm not sure is even on par with Wii in terms of power.

Avatar image for BamaGoatt

Now let's see a Zelda 3ds xl bundle as I just got 12 hours overtime Sunday and can afford it.

Avatar image for elunesgraces

How am I going to afford all this...

Avatar image for corrus

What a surprise another Zelda and Mario

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

Nintendo must be desperate to release 2 games on the same day.

Avatar image for TalesOfGod

@Mr_Big_Boss That or they are coming out with too many games in the future. I suppose the latter considering they are going to sell well ^.^

Avatar image for kaiserdisco

@TalesOfGod @Mr_Big_Boss i think they want to get them out before black friday because these games will probably be on a lot of people's wish list

Avatar image for SaintJimmmy

@TalesOfGod @Mr_Big_Boss
I don't doubt at all that they are desperate with everything going on right now but, i also think it may be because they are trying to make it seem like they have an almost overwhelming amount of software for both there consoles as a lot of there big nintendo games are coming out in a short period of time in an attempt to heavily boost hardware sales for this coming holiday season.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Hah, Nintendo are bringing out a lot of things: this, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Party: Island Tour and the 2DS. In the article about Super Mario 3D World there are mentions of even more games. Will the tide turn for Nintendo now?

Avatar image for SNESNOSTALGIA2

Damn this and Mario on the same day? I might have to just get one and pick up the other later. This holiday is going to be very expensive for gamers in general. I might not even get any PS4 gamers besides Killzone. Nintendo is going to be printing money this fall.

Avatar image for Jedilink109

Can't wait.

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