New York fighting game player Nelson 'Remix' Reyes passes away at 28

New York-based fighting game player Nelson 'Remix' Reyes from Empire Arcadia has passed away.


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Remix (Far right) with his teammates in Empire Arcadia
Remix (Far right) with his teammates in Empire Arcadia

Empire Arcadia owner and founder Isaiah 'TriForce' Johnson has confirmed the passing of Nelson 'Remix' Reyes this afternoon. Reyes death reportedly comes from a seizure into cardiac arrest.

Reyes was a long-time member of the New York fighting game community and an integral part of Empire Arcadia, most notably competing in Marvel vs Capcom 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Super Street Fighter 4. Reyes helped Johnson produce the current Empire Arcadia jersey of today, and supported the team financially along the way. For many, Reyes will always be known as the "most electrifying player in Digital Sports Entertainment".

Reyes was 28-years old.

Johnson has released the following statement.

He lived his life to the fullest. I'm happy to have known him. All he wanted was to play video games and enjoy the company of his friends and family. He did just that this weekend. Hanging out with Cole Tocci, Samantha Hancock, Kevin Landon, James Fink, Christopher Gonzalez, Erin Diaz, Michael Dicks and more playing games and watching the Lord of the Rings Marathon. All Hail Emp Remix. Empire Arcadia will make sure that you are not forgotten and follow out your last request. Make EMP successful and keep the family alive.

Fighting game player and caster James Chen has also posted his thoughts on Facebook:

When I was filming footage at Evo East 2007, it was no coincidence that my camera kept finding Nelson Reyes, a.k.a. EMP_Remix. It was obvious that he was incredibly energetic and enthusiastic, the definition of hype. So it wasn't a surprise he ended up in the MvC2 Intro video so often when the goal was to highlight the hype the game brought: he was just too infectious. Watching this again, it actually seems very appropriate that the last clip of him is mockingly crying at someone, because Nelson himself would probably be the first person to give us shit for shedding tears for him.

You'll be the person leading the hype train where you are now. Every time I hear thunder from the sky, I'm pretty sure I'll know why. R.I.P. Nelson Reyes.

A memorial fund has been set up for Reyes to help his family with funeral costs, with all funds going to his grandmother Diane Buco. You can donate on Reyes' YouCaring page.

Image Credit: Empire Arcadia

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