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New Xbox will be named Infinity - Report

New console to be called Xbox Infinity; development kits already in the hands of studios.


The next Microsoft console will be named Xbox Infinity, according to a report by the UK arm of the International Business Times.

Is this the name of the next Xbox?
Is this the name of the next Xbox?

Unnamed sources, who are believed to be involved in the development of the new console, confirmed to the publication that the new hardware will simply be called Xbox Infinity. These claims mirror those of a reportedly leaked image, which recently appeared on the Reddit website.

IBTimes UK sources also revealed that development units have already been made available to software developer partners. Previous rumours suggested that some of Microsoft's next-generation titles may have been cancelled, while others may be as much as six months behind schedule.

Microsoft is expected to officially unveil its next home console to the public at its event on May 21. Rumours have circulated for months regarding the branding that the Redmond, Washington, software giant will elect to use for the Xbox 360's successor, with Xbox 720, the Next Xbox, and the device's development codename, Durango all being used in lieu of any official moniker.

GameSpot contacted Microsoft seeking clarification, but a spokesperson declined, saying, "We do not comment on rumours or speculation. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don't have anything further to share at this time."

[Update] Reddit user C-Ron, the original poster and alleged creator of the Xbox Infinity logo has contacted GameSpot claiming the design is fake, and was intended solely as a "mock-up". The information comes to light more than two weeks after the original image was released.

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