New Xbox Show Will Tease Sea Of Thieves DLC, Reveal New Xbox One Features, And More

Microsoft's new "Inside Xbox" show premieres later this month.


Microsoft has announced a new digital video show called Inside Xbox, and the first episode promises to bring announcements on Sea of Thieves, Xbox One system features, and more.

Overall, Inside Xbox aims to offer a "peek behind the curtain" of Xbox as part of Microsoft's ambition to be transparent with fans about how games and consoles are made. "We believe strongly in transparency, inclusion, and having an authentic two-way conversation with our fans," Xbox programming director Tina Summerford said in a statement.

The inaugural episode will see Microsoft sitting down with developer Rare to discuss the upcoming pirate game Sea of Thieves. The developers will discuss the game's design, how they've reacted to feedback from testing sessions, and what to expect at launch. Additionally, Microsoft says the developers will offer a "tantalizing hint" of the game's post-release DLC.

Also during this first episode, Microsoft will make some kind of announcement about Xbox Game Pass, the company's Netflix-style subscription program. Microsoft will also debut new Xbox One features, though no hints were provided about what they might be. Additionally, Microsoft Studios executive producer Nico Bihary will be on the show to talk PUBG, Far Cry 5, and "much more." Weirdly, Microsoft says it also plans to forge gold ("true story," Microsoft says) and introduce "two wonderful old friends (one human, one plastic)," which sounds like a reference to the OG Xbox "Duke" controller and its creator, Seamus Blackley.

The first Inside Xbox episode will premiere on March 10 at 12 PM PT. Microsoft did not say if Inside Xbox will release new episodes on any set schedule, but we'll report back with more information when it's made available. Inside Xbox will air on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Microsoft's own Mixer service.

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