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New Xbox Scorpio Console Will Deliver "Really True 4K," Exec Says

Project Scorpio will have graphical fidelity on a level "never seen before" on console, Aaron Greenberg says.


Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro came out last week. Across the fence, Microsoft's Project Scorpio console is slated to arrive in holiday 2017. Now, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has discussed the upcoming Xbox console, saying it's capable of delivering "really true 4K."

"This will really bring the most powerful console you've ever seen," Greenberg said at this weekend's Xbox FanFest in Mexico City. "It will bring these really true 4K, really incredible visual games that we've never seen before on the console."

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"People who have spent thousands of dollars on a high-end PC are getting that experience. How do we bring that to scale in a console in your living room? That's a big part of what Project Scorpio is about," he added.

Microsoft has said that all of its first-party games will run at a native 4K. "Any games we're making that we're launching in the Scorpio time frame, we're making sure they can natively render at 4K," Microsoft Studios GM Shannon Loftis said in September.

Microsoft announced Project Scorpio at E3 in June, but the company has not offered much in the way of specifics about the console since then. That may not change soon, as Greenberg said Microsoft is saving a good deal of significant reveals about Project Scorpio for 2017.

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Earlier this month, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra said Project Scorpio will "of course" support backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. The console also plays all Xbox One titles. According to Microsoft, there won't be any Project Scorpio-exclusive games--except for virtual reality titles.

Pricing for Project Scorpio has not been announced, but Microsoft has repeatedly referred to it as a "premium" device, so it likely won't be cheap.

Sony's PS4 Pro, which launched on November 10, sells for $400. Microsoft has said Project Scorpio is more powerful than Sony's console by a significant margin.

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