New Xbox Scarlett Console Officially Announced, Release Window Confirmed

The next-gen Xbox has been unveiled.

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Now Playing: New Xbox At E3: Everything We Learned About Scarlett

Microsoft had so much to talk about during E3 2019 this year, but the biggest news came in the form of an announcement at the end of its press conference. After confirming work on a next-gen console had begun at last E3, the company finally revealed the platform's first details. It's codenamed Scarlett, and it will launch in the Holiday period of 2020.

Microsoft also announced Halo: Infinite will be a Scarlett launch title, which marks the first time a Halo game has been a launch Xbox game since the original Halo: Combat Evolved for the first Xbox.

Microsoft kept many of its Scarlett cards close to its chest, electing instead to mostly talk about its internal hardware. The console, which is yet to receive a final name, will be "four times" more powerful than the Xbox One X, Microsoft says. The company went on to say Scarlett contains a custom-engineered AMD processor and will be capable of both 8K resolution and framerates of up to 120 fps. The device also supports ray-tracing and is equipped with a solid-state drive (SSD), similar to Sony's PS5.

One detail absent from the Xbox press conference that we've since learned is that Scarlett has a disc drive, allowing you to play physical discs. It'll also support all your existing Xbox one games and accessories. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also shared some thoughts in a post-conference interview where he talks about future console generations and not necessarily needing you to buy new hardware.

Scarlett was touted during the conference as a "bigger leap than any generation we've done before." Spencer also described it as the "most powerful and highest performance console we've ever designed." Microsoft also very deliberately made it clear the system is designed explicitly for gaming, a notable difference from how the Xbox One was originally unveiled.

For more on the new device, read our exhaustive look at Scarlett's hardware specs or our comprehensive article from before E3 on everything we know about Xbox Scarlett--including the rumored budget alternative. For more, stay tuned to GameSpot's E3 roundup hub.

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When Ps4 and Xbox One came out, both companies were claiming this generation of consoles would last much longer than the previous gens because of how far graphics and computing power had come- they said there was little room left for improvement. I heard estimates of 2022, 2023 or later for the next gen of sony and microsoft. Turns out that was a bunch of mumbo jumbo hyping up the consoles at the time. This is a 7 year gap JUST like the ps3 and even shorter than the 8 years for xbox360. When it comes down to it, there is money to be made from selling new consoles, and suckers to eat it right up. As far as I'm concerned xbox one and ps4 are plenty powerful to be sony and Microsoft's main platforms for at least a few more years.

Also, who ever has said dIGitAl gaMEs ArE tEh FutURe... I prefer to be able to go back and play games I like several years later. Or resell a game at 2/3 retail price (before anyone says it I'm not talking about gamestop) if I cant see myself playing it again. The shift towards digital is a real shame. Y'all cant be bothered to eject a game and put another one in? smh


@tskrilla3: 100% true


More interested in Stadia or XCloud. Time to get rid of the hardware and move towards the future.


@tommynj: Stadia will be dead in a year lol


Gamespot, why are you running this story again today 6/12 as if it just came out? This was on the site days ago. Always pushing already-printed stories to the front page days later


Such a difference between next gen and this one. Seems like they are doing everything right and moving forward with a bright future.


I have been fortunate enough to have purchased every console on launch day since the sega master system, including the XBOX, xbox 360, but not the xbox one (i waited a year and got it for $150 less). This news is very positive to me, because the strong anti-gamer policies Balmer (MS CEO) and Don Mattrick (Xbox Division CO), Adam Orth (idiot scape goat), Major Nelson (one who had to present this shitshow to the world). Mostly Don Mattrick though, who pushed 'games as a service' model, who helped destroy the incredibly bright, an strong future, and head wind, xbox had going from the 7th gen to the 8th gen. From always online, non used games and DRM policies that hurt more then they helped, mandatory kinect (even though motion sensing fad was quickly dieing), expensive launch price, and a launch itself that was mired in stupidity (Don Mattrick famously told Geoff Keighley that if Xbox fans wanted an Xbox console but they didn’t have an Internet connection they should just buy a 360).

Not to mention Sony did everything right at the launch of 8th gen. Especially behind the scenes stuff. They pretty much green lit and threw money at any developer or publisher making a game or new IP, to bring it to there system. This was different from Sony early 7th gen who killed off their first party developers, studios because they were sure that social games like farmville/ candy crush were going to be the only future. (anyone remember Zynga and farmville??). Meanwhile MS was pushing an even more insidious idea behind what 8th gen games were to be, games were to now be a service. This poorly effected Fable legends, gears of war, scalebound and many more, how ? why? Orders by Mattrick to push services, kinect integration into those games went against everything developers know about making and selling games. This delayed and hampered first party games across the board and without games all you have is a (social, live TV, media, all encompassing living room environment box..... oh yeah that does play games to i guess).

So far the environment feels alot better for xbox, which i am glad. We need strong competitive platforms for us gaming consumers. The gaming industry has never been as healthy- barring another global financial meltdown- this 9th gen should start off very well. I still wish MS would always start off any press conference with "and this amazing exclusive game is coming..." before ever mentioning anything about their hardware. Poor phil spencer was handed a turd sandwich but has did an incredible job of at least turning away from the iceberg, lets see how good of a launch he presides over.


Don't really care about Halo, to me the franchise ended when it left Bungie.


Original Xbox had 2 halos, 360 doubled that, and the One gets only Halo 5 guardians, a game that dissapointed me in story and forced coop only via online. That thing could have worked so well... and now they tell me this will be the only Halo on the One because infinite goes to scarlett? :(

I just hope I don't have to wait long for the PC version of infinite then.


More expensive electricity hogging equipment.



@xgudwilx: That may have been the weirdest slam I have ever read ::scratches head::


@xgudwilx: I've seen the marvels of overall digitalization of the media. Even I have games I can no longer dowload. Get out and lost.


I wonder if there will be any interesting and innovative new titles, or just more of the same walk/talk/fight boring stuff that keeps me going back to the tower-defense, racing, puzzle and pinball genres.


10x more this and 5x more that... In other words, it's time again to give Sony and Microsoft another 500 bucks.


@mursexxx: don't early-adopt, it's never worth it.


@mursexxx: If you have a problem with paying 500-600 bucks for a console that will last nearly 6-10 years than youre in the wrong hobby.. thats pretty cheap, PC owners upgrade every year.


@therealmattheew: "PC owners upgrade every year."

You know nothing Jon Snow.


@therealmattheew: I have a problem with 500GB consoles and RROD when if you wait a year you get a better version or at least a cheaper version. You're just trying to shame people for caring where their money goes. You're probably like $59.99 is too cheap for games! I want to pay $69.99!


Will those current gen Elite controllers work on the new system?


@girlusocrazy: Yup


@masonshoemocker: Nice, I hope the non-bluetooth controllers also work, unfortunately that's what I have


Day one buy.


@dreadborne: Same here! Can't wait to get this day one!


@dreadborne: Day one sucker.


@mursexxx: I wouldnt ever buy a next gen console early nowadays (last I did was N64). We all know they had all kind of problems, just remember xbox 360. Rather wait a couple of years.


@nefastuss: Havnt had a problem with any xbox system since the 360


@nefastuss: Or at least 6 months or so for them to work out any inevitable heat-management major issues. These next-gen consoles are supposed to be 4X more powerful than the XB1 X, so that 4x more heat to dissipate!


@investor9872: It's a secret for now but they're really consoles/radiators. Will sell like hot cakes in Alaska and Canada.


@investor9872: Damn, thats true.


Sony already announced PS5 will be capable of doing all of this. Where's the Scarlett's differentiator? I don't see a substantial difference between this and the current generation other than raw power.


@TylerDurden83: What was the difference between this gen systems?


@TylerDurden83: The fact that you buy into an entire ecosystem. If I can start a game at home, continue it on my phone, and play it on my PC when I travel then I'm sold.


@TylerDurden83: that's always the only difference between generations for non Nintendo systems. I want to know what differentiates them from each other. Exclusives, yes (& glad MS bought all those studios & made it clear this will be gaming console), but this gen was the most samey generation yet since they both used AMD CPUs & if that's the case, I am going to only get 1 of them (for 1st time ever).

Also, MS NEEDS to go back to the 360 controller that had much better quality overall, & much more resistant joysticks. This gen they switched places & ps4 was like 360 sticks & x1 was like the ps3 with almost no resistance & loose feeling. I hate that.


@TylerDurden83: The fact that both the PS5 & the New Xbox will be able to play all the games of their respective predecessor consoles makes them both MUST-HAVE systems for me.


@dvdjedi: Where have Sony stated that ps5 will play all of the previous consoles games? They mentioned bc, but not how they were going to do it, nor how far back?


@TylerDurden83: Exclusives. That's the only differentiator.


And no demo.

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