New Xbox One Game Pass Titles Announced For October

Here's what new games that subscribers will have access to soon.


The monthly catalog updates for Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox One, continue in October. Microsoft has announced that seven more games will soon be playable for subscribers.

Six of the seven games are Xbox One titles, and they include Costume Quest 2 just in time for Halloween. Among the other notable ones are open-world games of the silly (Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell) and not-so-silly (State of Decay: Year One) variety. There's also an Xbox 360 game, Street Fighter IV, which is playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. October's additions are rounded out by Maldita Castilla EX: Cursed Castle, The Bug Butcher, and the interesting, roguelike-style shooter Tower of Guns.

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Xbox Game Pass members will have access to all of these games beginning on October 1. Subscribers are free to play everything in the Game Pass library as much as they want; there are no limits on playtime, though some games may eventually be removed from the service. It operates much like Netflix or PlayStation Now, except these are games you'll download--they aren't streamed.

The beginning of September also brought seven more titles to Game Pass, including ReCore: Definitive Edition, Fable II, and Metro: Last Light Redux. Game Pass initially launched back in June and costs $10 per month. To see what else you can play, check out our full list of Xbox Game Pass titles.

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