New Xbox One Dashboard Changes Not Expected Soon

Microsoft is only planning "small adjustments" for now.


Xbox corporate VP Mike Ybarra has set expectations for Xbox One dashboard updates. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Ybarra said you should expect "small adjustments" to the UI in the near future instead of "big changes."

It's no big surprise that major dashboard updates would slow down, given that the holiday season is ramping up. Microsoft doesn't historically release major UI updates in those months because so many new players are coming online and significant changes could lead to confusion.

The new new Xbox One dashboard layout is out now for testers, and it focuses on "speed, customization, and expression." It streamlines a number of aspects, letting you more quickly get to what you want, at least in theory. You can also customize what's displayed on the main Home screen, allowing you to create "content blocks" devoted to specific games or other aspects of Xbox Live. The update also adds a "light mode."

Regarding the current state of the Xbox One dashboard, Ybarra said in his tweet, "I like where we are now." How do you feel about the update, if you have it? Let us know in the comments below!

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