New Xbox One Controller Gives Your Game Session An Athletic Twist

Keep your controller collection lookin' fresh.

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The Sport White Special Edition is the first controller in Xbox One's new Sport series. The controller will cost $70 (in the U.S.) and be available in the U.S. and Canada starting July 31, and available for purchase worldwide on August 7. In certain countries, the controller will come with a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox describes the new controller as something inspired "by trends in athletics and sports lifestyle." The controller features the same white base color found in Xbox Design Lab, while the buttons, joysticks, and d-pad are colored mint, grey, and silver. The back of the Sport White Special Edition comes rubberized to prevent players from losing their grip.

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In North America only, for an additional $50 fee, players can also nab The Sport White Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand. The stand doesn't charge your controller any faster than Xbox's previous docks, but this one is specifically colored to match the overall design of The Sport White Special Edition controller. Despite the color palate, the stand is compatible with Xbox's other controllers. The charging stand will be available on August 7.

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