New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Game Now Available

Damn good coffee.


With the release of the Xbox One X approaching, Microsoft has added yet another Xbox 360 game to the list of those that can be played on Xbox One consoles. This time around, it's a title that might be the closest we ever get to a Twin Peaks video game adaptation.

Deadly Premonition is now playable on Xbox One. The Access Games-developed title puts you in the shoes of FBI agent Francis York, who is tasked with investigating a murder in a small town. He's a coffee enthusiast, seemingly talks to himself, and blends horror and comedy in an unusual way. The Twin Peaks comparisons are readily apparent.

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As with all backwards compatible games, you can either pop in the physical disc or download a digital copy to play on Xbox One. If you already own the latter, you'll now find it waiting in the Ready to Download area of the My Games and Apps section. Keep in mind, if you're eager to play the most complete version of the game, this is not it; a director's cut is available, but only for PC and PS3. You can see our review of that version above.

Microsoft recently introduced the first original Xbox games to the backwards compatibility program. These will be added less frequently, but it's still a welcome addition. You can check out all the Xbox One backwards compatible games in the full list.

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