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New Xbox One App Aims to Improve Matchmaking

Overdog promises a better overall experience by matching you up with people who have similar interests inside of gaming and out.


"Instead of gaming with anonymous people in your favorite games (Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Madden to name a few), wouldn't you rather game with people you have something in common with? Stop letting the console tell you who to play with. Game with people who feel like friends."

That's the pitch for Overdog, a new "interest-based" matchmaking game service for Xbox One. The company behind the service, also called Overdog, today launched the "first-of-its-kind" platform on Microsoft's new console, aiming to allow" Who doesn't want that?

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You'll do this by creating a unique profile that is based on their interests and playstyles. Add your favorite sports teams, music, celebrities, and movies to profile, and you'll be matched with people who have similar interests.

"The more topics you add to your profile, the better the matches that Overdog suggests," according to the announcement.

Overdog director of user acquisition Eric Doty said the Xbox One is a vibrant community, but it lacks a matchmaking service that connects people with like-minded players, "not just random people."

"We want to take some of the anxiety out of being matched up with someone online," Doty added. "Trying to find someone that will help you finish a co-op mission in Destiny or build a castle in Minecraft right now that loves watching Red vs Blue? Overdog can find the right person for you."

At launch today, Overdog features more than 1,000 topics; more will be added later based on feedback from Xbox players. You can download the Overdog Xbox One app today.

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