New Xbox One Ad Calls It the "Best-Selling Console in America," With a Catch

Xbox One is the "best-selling console in America," according to Microsoft.


The Xbox One has outsold the rival PlayStation 4 in the US for three months running, according to the NPD Group. Less than a week after the NPD confirmed the Xbox One came out on top in September, Microsoft today released a new commercial for the Xbox One S titled "Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America." The major caveat here is that Microsoft is saying the Xbox One is the best-selling console in America from July-September 2016, not all year or life-to-date.

The video also boasts that the Xbox One is the only console with nearly 1,000 games available (this figure may count Xbox One backwards compatibility titles), including more than 100 exclusives. Additionally, it makes mention of the Xbox One S's 4K Blu-ray player, something that Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro do not have. Here's the video:

Also in the video, Microsoft says Xbox Live is the "fastest, most reliable" gaming network. This is likely a reference to the independent study that found Xbox Live was faster and more dependable than PlayStation Network.

Sony has sold more than 40 million PS4s and projects to sell another 20 million by April 2017. For its part, Microsoft does not share Xbox sales figures, making direct comparisons difficult. It is expected that the PS4 is the global sales leader in the new-generation console sales race.

Sony's new PlayStation 4 Pro comes out in November, priced at $400. It's possible that people are holding out for that system, which could be depressing PS4 sales right now.

A year ago this month, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the PS4 had such a large sales advantage over Xbox One that he was unsure if his company's console could ever catch up. Whether or not he still feels that way, after Microsoft's three-month streak, remains to be seen.

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