New Xbox One 1 TB Model With Halo Collection Listed on Amazon

The Xbox One may soon come with a larger internal hard drive.


A listing for an Xbox One console with a 1 TB internal hard drive has been posted on Amazon, suggesting Microsoft may announce a new model at E3.

The new, Kinect-less system comes with a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and is listed with a $400 price and a launch date of June 15. That's the same day that Microsoft's E3 press conference is scheduled, so it could be planning to announce and then launch the new model that same day. Doing so wouldn't be unheard of it; it did just that with a new Xbox 360 SKU back in 2013. It also launched the Kinect-free model of Xbox One during E3 last year.

The Amazon listing in question
The Amazon listing in question

It would come as no surprise for Microsoft to introduce an Xbox One with a larger internal hard drive. While the system supports external USB hard drives, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged the "need for bigger HDs."

Last year, Microsoft offered a limited-edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare system that sported a 1 TB hard drive.

Outside of that, the Xbox One has always been equipped with a 500 GB hard drive. With mandatory game installations routinely requiring 40-50 GB each and the full 500 GB capacity not being usable (you have closer to 350 GB free out of the box), additional hard drive space can quickly become necessary.

The Amazon listing also references a "controller with a 3.5mm headset jack, so you can plug in any compatible headset." That matches up with the new Xbox One controller model that recently leaked.

When contacted for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson would only say, "We're gearing up for an exciting E3 where we'll showcase more games and experiences. We have nothing further to share at this time."

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