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New Xbox Game Pass Title Sleight Of Hand Is A Noir, Stealth-Focused Deck Builder

Sleight of Hand is a third-person stealth game, with a focus on deck building, coming to Xbox Game Pass.


Sleight of Hand is a new third-person stealth game coming to Xbox Game Pass. Announced during the Xbox Partner Showcase, Sleight of Hand is a third-person stealth game with a noir setting, with focus on deck building.

The announcement trailer showed a woman, named Lady Luck, using special playing cards to create mist, freeze a man, and even teleport, while investigating a smuggling operation. The Steam page notes that the cards will be used to get through stealth levels, providing special abilities like traps and scouting. The cards will have limited uses, forcing you to make tactical choices with these special abilities.

Lady Luck uses a variety of smoke-based magic cards, allowing her to make stealth-focused maneuvers and use special combos to take down various enemies. She can use a Hex card to mark an enemy, which will allow her to use an ability like a Peekaboo on that same enemy, which teleports her behind them. From there an old-fashioned stealth takedown will finish the job. Other cards like Chain Smoker can link enemies together, so if one is affected by another card, they all are.

The story revolves around taking down the coven your character used to work for. Cards can be upgraded and swapped out for different missions. There are also trinkets which provide powers that aren't limited use. Sleight of Hand is the first game being developed by RiffRaff Games, a New Zealand-based developer. Sleight of Hand is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC and will be launching as part of Xbox Game Pass in 2025.

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