New £299 Xbox 360 bundle for UK

Project Gotham Racing 3 and extra wireless controller added to the premium package for £20 more, new package to retail for £299 from September 22.


Since the news of the European PlayStation 3 postponement, many have wondered how Microsoft would exploit the vacuum. There have been rumors that the company would drop the price of its Xbox 360 console, and speculation that a HD-DVD-equipped version of the console was on the cards.

However, following a new deal in Canada, Microsoft today confirmed a new Xbox 360 bundle pack that will be available from September 22. The new package will include a premium Xbox 360, in addition to a second wireless controller and a copy of Project Gotham Racing 3 and will retail for £299 (about $569).

The premium console package, which currently retails for £279 (about $531) in the UK, includes the console itself, a 20GB hard drive, one wireless controller, an Ethernet cable, component video cables, and a wired headset. The wireless controller has an RRP of £32.99 (about $62.74), while Project Gotham Racing 3 costs £44.99 (about $86).

The news follows Tuesday's announcement that an Xbox 360 Classics line will launch on October 13 in the UK, with games on the label priced at £24.99 (about $48). Among the first releases are Project Gotham Racing 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, Condemned: Criminal Origins, and Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie.

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