New WW2 Mini-Series From Ridley Scott And Steven Knight In The Works

The Oscar-nominated director and writer are working together for a new period drama series.


Hollywood veterans Ridley Scott and Steven Knight are working together on a World War II mini-series that offers a new look into the conflict from "several international perspectives." The series is based on Sir Antony Beevor's books, according to the write-up from Deadline.

The show is called Roads to Freedom, and it's planned as a "10-episode epic."

"The intention is to tell the story using fresh and unique perspectives. While most Hollywood war films have focused on the American and British effort, Roads to Freedom will portray the brutal realities from multiple viewpoints, with characters not only from the U.S. and UK but also from Russia, Germany, France, and other countries across the globe," the report said.

The report goes on to say:

"That includes women, and children struggling to survive. The emphasis is on humanity, the characters bound together by one dramatic story. Some of the story lines will be discomforting, but heroic, and the race between East and West to capture Berlin will shed light on what became the foundations of the Cold War."

Deadline said Scott will direct the first episode of Roads to Freedom. Knight and Beevor, meanwhile, will write every episode.

Roads to Freedom is only just getting started, it seems, as Deadline said Scott and Knight are now in the process of raising money to fund the series through the talent agency CAA. A "handful of equity finance players" have already reportedly expressed interest in co-financing the project. There is no word yet on where Roads to Freedom will air or who may star in it.

This is a personal project for Scott, as he grew up during WWII and his father was an officer in the Royal Engineers for Britain.

This is just the latest high-profile project for Scott, as he recently wrapped production on the period drama The Last Duel starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. He is currently filming the Gucci murder movie with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. After that, he's lined up for a Gladiator reunion of sorts with the Napoleon Bonaparte movie starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. Scott is also attached to direct Gladiator 2.

Roads to Freedom isn't the only new WWII series in the works, as Tom Hanks is working on a Band of Brothers sequel series that recently cast a lead actor.

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