New World Update 1.0.4 Looks To Address Invulnerability Bugs

New World's latest update re-enables server transfers and addresses a number of bugs, although some fixes are listed as "speculative."


New World's latest update is live, and it looks to address a number of critical bugs, including some that are making players invincible.

Update 1.0.4 will allow for server transfers to happen once more in Amazon Game Studios' MMORPG, after having been taken offline for a period following issues with the service. The update also addresses a number of bugs both big and small, from issues with the Ice Gauntlet's Ice Pylon ability having an infinitely long cooldown to players losing the houses they purchased in the Cutlass Key territory.

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One of the biggest problems the update looks to address are several instances in which players could become invincible, at least one of which involved playing the game in windowed mode and dragging the game window around. Bad enough in a PvE focused game, the fact that New World largely revolves around PvP made this issue potentially game-breaking. Amazon says it has fixed "several known causes" of players becoming invulnerable and that the issue is a "top priority." The patch notes state the fixes are "speculative" and that the team is continuing to work on additional fixes.

Other changes in the update include the elimination of the Everfall beach starting area to better increase the probability of new players and friends being able to start in the same territory. A large number of players will also likely be getting 2,000 coins added to their account. The coin will be coming to players who purchased an in-game house while a UI error indicated that a first house discount also applied to that house's taxes. That is not the case, and Amazon will be compensating players who purchased a house prior to the error being fixed. The update will also reimburse company's (aka guilds) for lost coin revenue resulting from a previous issue. You can read the full patch notes here.

New World saw impressive numbers at launch, becoming the top-played game on Steam and seeing nearly a million concurrent players. That resulted in long login queue times, although that issue has largely been fixed. While player numbers have dipped since launch week, the game is still among the top 10 most-played games on Steam.

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