New World Players Are Killing Their Characters To Fast Travel

Players are letting enemies or other players kill them, all in the name of more efficient fast travel.


Getting around New World's large map can be a pain, and it's causing players to die intentionally in order to more efficiently fast travel around Aeternum.

Players are doing a lot of running in Amazon Games' new MMO. There are no mounts in New World, meaning for the most part you'll be hoofing it--but not with horses--around the world. There is a fast travel system, but it's fairly restrictive.

Fast travel in New World works like this:

  1. You need to be at a Spirit Shrine or in a settlement.
  2. You need to have enough Azoth resources (the cost varies depending on distance, weight, and which faction controls the settlement).
  3. You need to have already discovered the location you are fast traveling to.

Players can also recall to their home inn once per hour. That means players out in the wilderness with their inn recall on cooldown are basically out of luck.

To get around this and to save themselves some time and Azoth, players are intentionally killing their characters to get around the world quicker. As it turns out, dying while your inn recall is on cooldown will give players the option to respawn at their camp (if it's within 500m) or at the nearest town.

While the durability of all items aside from harvesting tools in a player's bags is damaged upon death and repair costs can be costly (especially as players start to get better gear), dying and respawning in town is still preferable to running huge distances to turn in a quest at lower levels.

It's not an ideal scenario, but gamers will do anything if it means doing it faster and more efficiently. New World took the gaming world by storm earlier this week, when it launched to more than 700,000 concurrent players on Steam and over 900,000 viewers on Twitch. The game's launch has been plagued by server issues and long queue times, something Amazon Games is working on addressing with increased server capacity, new servers, and free server transfers in the weeks ahead.

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