New World Patch 1.0.5 Cracks Down On Gold Sellers, Addresses Gold Duplication Exploits

New World's latest update adds more restrictions to characters under level 10 in an effort to combat gold sellers.


New World's latest update has fixed issues related to item and gold duplication, while also introducing new restrictions on lower level characters and new accounts in an effort to stamp out third-party gold sellers.

It's been a rough week for New World's entirely player-driven economy. All forms of wealth trading were disabled for an entire day recently due to exploits in which players were duplicating money and items. Update 1.0.5 has patched those exploits, while also fixing an issue revolving around gold duplication on territory projects that was introduced following the disabling of in-game trading.

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Developer Amazon Game Studios is now turning its eye towards cracking down on gold sellers. Currently, many of the MMORPG's chat windows are largely filled with advertisements for third party gold selling sites. New restrictions should help to reduce that kind of spam going forward. Players under level 10 or whose account is less than 72 hours old won't be able to trade with other players or transfer money. Players also won't be able to use the game's trading post (New World's version of an auction house) until completing the "Introduction to Trading Post" quest. Gold rewards from some early quests have been reduced and moved to later in the main questline, to prevent new accounts from easily making gold.

The update brings other changes too. Multiple bug fixes have come to the game's PvP Outpost Rush mode, and the cost of respecing weapon mastery skills and character attributes has been greatly reduced. Changes have come to the Life Staff as well, with some of the weapon's area-of-effect focused talents having been adjusted or removed.

New World's launch saw massive queue times and large concurrent player counts, but things have largely stabilized now. Amazon is offering free character transfers for players who may have created a character on a lower population server to avoid queue times, though those transfers are, contrary to what Amazon initially promised, region locked.

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