New World Order Announced

Insomnia changes its name to Termite and announces a new multiplayer team-based action game.


Insomnia Software has announced that it is changing its name to Termite Games. The Swedish company has also announced that, while it has stopped development of its previous game Decay, it is now working on a team-based action game called New World Order. The online multiplayer game features five character classes, including sniper, assault, tactical, explosives expert, and close-combat expert. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose to join the Syndicate, a high-powered criminal organization, or the Global Assault Team, a next-generation police squad. In addition to the multiplayer team-based mode, there are also single-player and co-op missions.

The game is still in the early stages of development, but the company is using some of the content developed for Decay. The screenshots display a high level of detail in the game's gloomy 3D city environments. For more information about Termite Games and New World Order, take a look at the official company web site.

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