New World Is Getting Halloween Costumes

You can dress up both your character and your house for Halloween this year in New World.


While Amazon's popular MMO New World won't be running a full event for Halloween, it is at least giving players a chance to dress up for the occasion. A handful of new Halloween-themed costumes have been added to the in-game store for the season, as well as new weapon skins and magical housing decor.

One of the new items will be dropping for free--the Scapegrace Jack's Happy Lantern, a house decoration which can be redeemed in the in-game store until November 15. All the rest of the items are purchaseable with Marks of Fortune, New World's premium currency that must be purchased with real-world money.

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The armor skins include the dapper Bloodthirsty Count, the mummy-like Shroud of the Pharoah, which both sell for 14,000 Marks, and the skull-masked Skeletal Chevalier which is a bit pricier at 16,000 Marks. Each costume includes a full set of skins that can be applied seperately to various garments or all together as a set.

The weapon skins include the Frankenstein Hammer, the Skeletal Rapier, the Crimson Bloodlock, the Black Widow Staff, and the Pharoah's Curse great axe. A number of masks are also due to be added to the store on October 26--you can view all the new cosmetics and their prices at the store update page here.

The new housing items include multiple versions of a traditional jack-o-lantern, witchy items like an enchanted broom and a bubbling cauldron, and spooky details such as a haunted candelabra and a stolen gravestone.

All of the new store items are available now, except for the masks, and all items will be available until November 15.

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