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New World Hits 1 Million Players On Day One, Server Capacity Increasing To Meet Demand

Amazon says the reaction to New World has been "staggering" and it's doing its best to meet demand.


Amazon has provided an update on its newly launched PC MMO New World, revealing that more than 1 million people logged in on launch day and promising to increase the capacity of all servers to meet demand. In a statement on Twitter, Amazon said the demand for New World has been "staggering."

1 million people logged in on launch day, and every day since that number has grown, Amazon said. The popularity of the game led to server issues and long queue times in popular servers.

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Amazon said it more than doubled the number of servers for New World since the game launched on Tuesday, September 28. Additionally, the studio is increasing the capacity of every server "to support a higher population cap." The studio said its teams have been working 24/7 to add more servers and improve the online experience. "And [we] will continue to do so until we stability wait times," Amazon said.

In the meantime, Amazon said new players who are logging in for the first time can choose a server that has low or no wait times--about 40% of servers have low or no wait times, Amazon said. For players who already signed up for server, Amazon said it continues to work on a new feature that lets you transfer your character to a different server. "Our goal is to release this feature next week, once we've thoroughly tested and are sure it's ready," Amazon said.

Amazon will publish more information about how server transfers work at a later date. "We know how important it is to be able to play with friends, so we're putting this feature at the top of our priority list," Amazon said.

New World is going to remain a PC game exclusively for the "foreseeable future" but it could potentially come to console later. We also recently learned that New World doesn't let you make a character with Bezos or Amazon in the name and that you cannot swim. The game also has a very silly reason for why there are no mounts.

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