New Wonder Woman 1984 Images Show Diana Using Her Lasso Of Truth

'80s malls are the perfect setting for superhero movies.


This year is going to be big for Warner Bros. as far as its superhero movies go. There is the Birds of Prey movie--which is more a Harley Quinn solo flick--releasing in February, and the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel arriving this June.

Some new images for Wonder Woman 1984 arrived recently, thanks to a tweet by the official Warner Bros. UK account. The image of Kristen Wiig--who plays Barbara Minerva in the upcoming film--had been previously seen, but everything else is new. You can check them out below and see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in all her glory.

Wonder Woman using her lasso in a very '80s mall.
Wonder Woman using her lasso in a very '80s mall.
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Gadot reprises her role as Princess Diana and Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor--who seemingly died in the first movie. In early December, the first trailer debuted during Comic-Con Experience in Brazil, and we got our first look at the villainous Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal. He and Wonder Woman have a very interesting history in the comics that we won't delve into, as there is a possibility it could spoil key moments in the movie.

Joining them will be Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta. Patty Jenkins will once again return to direct WW84 featuring a screenplay by Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on June 5.

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