New Windows 11 UI Elements Revealed In Leaked Images - Report

The entire Windows 11 operating system has leaked online after a few photos were published on a Chinese technology site.


We know now what Windows 11 looks like ahead of its June 24 reveal thanks to a leak showcasing the new operating system's UI elements, from the start menu to the startup sound and beyond, according to a report by The Verge.

The leak first appeared on the Chinese site Baidu, a technology company focused on internet-related services. According to The Verge, which captured screenshots from the leak, the entire OS then popped up online. And as previously reported, Windows 11 uses design elements from the cancelled 10X operating system, particularly in the start menu. Though it would be remise to not acknowledge that Windows 11's new design does aesthetically harkens back to past Windows releases like 7 or 2000.

Of course, this is an updated operating system, which means Windows 11 comes with some newer elements. The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren notes that the start menu gives you the option to move all of the app icons to the left-hand side of the screen. Further, there's a new Widgets icon, suggesting that Microsoft is bringing the feature back. Windows 11 goes back to using rounded corners, something it dropped with Windows 8.

Windows 11 packages a new snap feature that lets you designate where a window resides on the screen, a reconfiguration of the cascade windows function already in the operating system. There's even a boot-up animation and startup sound.

Still, these are merely leaks of an operating system still in development, meaning everything is subject to change before it's officially released. Meanwhile, Microsoft is said to hold a Windows 11 reveal on June 24, where the company is supposed to unveil the "next generation of Windows."

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