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New Wii browser coming in April

Final version of Opera-powered Web-surfing utility pushed back a few weeks to add more features.


Wii owners will have to wait a little longer for the release of the full Web browser for their consoles, as the final version of the utility has been pushed back to April.

The new version of the Opera Software browser is set to feature a number of changes, including improved zoning and scrolling, a better zoomed font, quicker start-up times, faster access to favorites, the ability to erase the toolbar, and preset buttons for common Web phrases like "www" and ".com."

Nintendo says the browser has been pushed back from this month to April, "to ensure that the browser incorporates all of these enhancements." It will be available to download for free until the end of June, after which it will cost 500 Wii points. A free beta version of the Wii Web browser has been available since late December.

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