New Westworld Video Teases a Character's Huge Revelation

This article contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Westworld.


We're getting closer to the airing of Westworld Episode 3, and now, HBO has released its latest teaser for the sci-fi show. It features robotic host Maeve talking about her dreams and questioning her own reality.

Dreams were a focal point in Episode 2, and through them, we learned about Maeve's past role in the Westworld amusement park. This teaser expands on that a bit with new dialogue on top of footage that's mostly taken from previous episodes, and it seems like she might soon realize that all is not what it seems for the AI hosts. You can watch it for yourself below.

Earlier this week, HBO released images, teasing the third episode. Critics have already delivered their verdicts on the first four episodes of Westworld, and you can see a handful of them in GameSpot's review roundup.

The production of Westworld shut down last January, and for a while, it was for unknown reasons. Now, we know that it was so the showrunners could plan out the "next five or six years."

"It wasn't about getting the first 10 [episodes] done, it was about mapping out what the next five or six years are going to be," actor James Marsden told EW. "We wanted everything in line so that when the very last episode airs and we have our show finale, five or seven years down the line, we knew how it was going to end the first season."

Westworld Episode 3 airs this Sunday, October 16, at 6 PM PT. The show stars Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler), Thandie Newton (2012), Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale), James Marsden (X-Men), Ed Harris (The Rock), and Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs). It's produced by Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams and created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, brother of The Dark Knight director Christopher.

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