New weekly KOTH series "The AreNA" is scheduled to begin next Monday.

The upcoming tournament series aims to help make the North American ladder more competitive and meaningful.


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The comparative lack of "smaller" Starcraft II tournaments in the North American region has apparently compelled PrOmiseCAST to remedy the situation. Beginning next week, the top 25 players in the North American GM leader will be able to take part in this new weekly King of the Hill tournament series. The prize pool, unfortunately, isn't too hot. The first person to get 5 wins in a row will be awarded $50 while anyone who succeeds in dethroning them will earn $10. It might be a pittance compared to the lucrative prizes offered by bigger tournaments but all attempts to enrich the North American culture remain welcomed. The first stream will take place on December 9th 2013 at 2.00PM PST.

More information can be found here.

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