New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off Open-World Co-Op, Hacking

Lengthy video dives deep into the sequel's new hacking abilities, co-op, and more.

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Ubisoft has released a new gameplay video for Watch Dogs 2 that offers an extended look at the hacking-focused sequel set in San Francisco. The lengthy video follows main character Marcus as he walks around famous landmarks such as Coit Tower and Fisherman's Wharf, deploying hacking mechanics and driving drones, among other things, to get the upper hand.

The video also spotlights Watch Dogs 2's new multiplayer scenarios, including a "Bounty" sequence. When you commit a crime in the game, authorities come after you. In these Bounty scenarios, up to three other human players in the same session can join in the the pursuit to bring you down to earn rewards. The player who has the bounty on their head can escape with their life, and earn some rewards of their own, by evading police force and the other players. For more on Watch Dogs 2's Bounty mode, check out GameSpot's recent hands-on preview.

Also on display in the video are some co-op missions. Players can work together to take down targets more strategically than they might be able to alone. In one sequence, we see one player piloting a drone to help his partner move through a building without being detected.

Last month, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said Watch Dogs 2 could become one of the company's best-selling games in its 30-year history. He specifically cited the game's "more seamless" online functionality and co-op as game elements that could help the game sell well.

Watch Dogs 2 will need to ship more than 9 million copies to outpace its predecessor, 2014's Watch Dogs. That game took place in Chicago, but the sequel is set in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The game launches on November 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition to its new setting, Watch Dogs 2 stars a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, an African-American from across the Bay in Oakland.

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