New Warzone Map Mysteries Emerge In Call Of Duty Season 5

Players may want to investigate the map changes in Warzone's Season 5 update, with Red Door activity, strange structures, and mobile antennas popping up around Verdansk.


Call of Duty's Season 5 is live in Warzone, and players may want to investigate the mysterious new structures on Verdansk '84. Warzone's Red Doors are also starting to behave differently. As previously mentioned in Activision's blog, Warzone will have a Red Door-themed mid-season event, but it's worth speculating if all of the new map changes will be related to the event, or if there are other mysteries or Easter egg quests to uncover before then. So, what's happening in Verdansk?

Mobile Broadcast Stations

Just glancing at Verdansk '84, Season 5's map changes are pretty subtle. Don't expect any drastic landscape changes or major points of interest. Instead, players can investigate Mobile Broadcast Stations, which are like the Bertha cargo trucks, but with a giant antenna on the truck bed. It's not certain what these mobile antennas will be used for, but some of them are emitting a hum or some kind of radio frequency. This could very well be tied into the Red Doors and the Numbers brainwashing narrative of Season 5.

Mobile Broadcast Station
Mobile Broadcast Station

In Call of Duty's Season 5 preview blog, Activision's description of the Mobile Broadcast Stations explains that the stations spawn randomly in each match, and it encourages players to "see what they’re all about by going closer to them, but be sure to keep your head and tune out the broadcast each one emits…"

These stations don't have loot drops, and there doesn't seem to be any way to activate these antennas, yet.

Shipping Containers

Players will also notice stacks of red shipping containers are now popping up all over Verdansk. These mysterious crate structures are very noticeable not only by their size, but also because they are extremely loud. The structures can be found at the Stadium, one inside and outside of the Downtown area, and a few other points of interest. Each one has a generator and what looks to be a fuel tank connected to whatever is hiding beneath the stack of shipping containers. The sound is possibly the generator powering up whatever the mystery item is, or perhaps it's the object itself. It's all very odd, and there doesn't seem to be anything to interact with here.

Crate structure at Stadium
Crate structure at Stadium

The Mobile Broadcast Stations and the crate surprises could be something that's just being teased, but the developers haven't pulled the trigger yet. This could tie into the heavily leaked but not confirmed Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal event, which might possibly arrive as early as next week.

If this is not tied to any separate Easter egg hunts and a Vanguard reveal doesn't happen next week, there's still the Red Door event teased on the Season 5 roadmap as a mid-season event.

Red Doors

And speaking of Red Doors, they are still accessible, but they're now behaving differently. Previously, the doors sent players to a random loot-filled room. Now, players are being sent to a hallway filled with Red Doors. Some doors are simply teleporting players back up into the air above Verdansk, leaving them to parachute back into the fight. Other doors will take players to a loot-filled room, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of which doors you should be selecting.

YouTuber and Easter egg hunter Geeky Pastimes has a video that shows the new Red Door hallway, and some of the dialogue you can hear while inside. Each door seems to make a slightly different sound, and some doors give you dialogue from either Stitch or Adler. There's also the image of a bell, which could tie into Black Ops Cold War's campaign, where you play as a character named Bell and the narrative revolves around the brainwashing Numbers.

This could be just another tease, and the doors might not be functioning as the narrative intends, yet. We'll keep monitoring the doors and updating if any changes happen prior to the mid-season update.

It's unclear if all these new Warzone mysteries are tied together, or if we're being teased several different things at once. Hopefully any Easter eggs or events will progress faster than last year's bunker mystery that eventually led to Warzone's Know Your History in-game reveal of Cold War. Again, leaks have suggested that Activision will officially announce Call of Duty: Vanguard on August 19, so maybe players won't have to wait much longer to find out what's coming.

These Season 5 updates and Vanguard rumors swirl as Activision presses ahead with Call of Duty amidst the sexual misconduct and harassment lawsuit against the giant publisher, and the next entry in the series is still coming later this year.

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