New Warhammer 40K game in the works

Slitherine partners with Games Workshop for new turn-based strategy game to release on multiple platforms.


When THQ was dissolved earlier this year, the fate of the Warhammer game license was left in question. Now, more light has been shed on the situation. Slitherine announced today a partnership with Games Workshop to develop a new turn-based strategy game based on the Warhammer 40,000 world.

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Development on the game is already underway for multiple platforms, though details about its content and features were not divulged.

According to Slitherine, the "best talents in design and development" are working on the untitled project.

In addition to Slitherine's new Warhammer game, Total War developer Creative Assembly is working on multiple titles set in the fantasy universe. The first of these games will release "from beyond 2013."

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Turn-based?!!!!??!?? Holy crap someone finally did the obvious awesome idea :D Woot!

Now we just need Necromunda and/or Mordheim. Muhahaha

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Now that I think about it, someone needs to turn Fantasy Flight Games' pen n paper 40k rpg series into a video game. If it worked for Dungeons and Dragons with Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, & Neverwinter, then it can work for 40k.

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If there's a Space Marine 2 in the works I'd like it to be better polished this time around. Two key things to improve that game, a cover system and a block function.

Simple squad commands would be nice, too, rather than spending a majority of the game alone in dank corridors. The opening levels of the game were impressive and fun, trashing the Orks. It quickly became a dreary slog, though, trundling the samey corridors slowly whittling down Chaos Marines one at a time.

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@Shanks_D_Chop I'd love a Space Marine 2

Avatar image for Shanks_D_Chop

@darkPSPfan @Shanks_D_Chop I did sink a fair bit of time into it... Multiplayer was actually alright, some nice touches. But the game didn't feel tight enough.

I think there's a lot they'd need to improve upon for a sequel if they want more recognition.

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@Shanks_D_Chop real Space Marines dont use cover.

Avatar image for Shanks_D_Chop

@oflow @Shanks_D_Chop Xp But in all seriousness, they do though. =/ And fighting Chaos Marines, particularly Plasma Cannon armed CMs, involves a lot of sidestepping out from behind pillars and popping off head shots. It just feels wrong. Whereas a decent cover system would at least make it feel more real. Would be nice if they made skill play more of a part as well. You should be able to kill CMs much, much quicker if you're good enough. And the lack of a block function means that you can't get a real feel of going one on one in a duel with your corrupted brethren. It's just mashing away at attack.

Avatar image for simon1812

I dont think it is bad, I totally dig RPGs and one set in the WH40K universe oh well Im keeping an eye on this. thats all Im saying.

but I do really wish some publisher would come forward and reveal that they are doing an WH40K game in the same vain of Spacemarine, loved that game, walking around in that armor wasting orks using a chainsword was superb.

Avatar image for anigmha

Give me Space Marine 2 please. That melee/shooter hybrid was so refreshing and underrated.

Avatar image for nasser_m200

COOOL hope it 2 be more like RPG this time

Avatar image for GetafixOz

Geez just bring the 40K RTS up to 2013 with say 30 new missions on 2 or 3 campaigns and I for one would be more than satisfied. Dont over think it, if anyone mentions "groundbreaking game mechanics, or unique combat system, just shoot them.

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hope slithrine can make something similar to Final Liberation...i still remember in the game get to control Titans.i miss it so much

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Quite surprised the W40k license didn't go to sega along with Relic, I wonder what that will mean for DOW3? Slitherine do seem to have some experience with wargames the most notable being "close combat", I guess we will have to wait and see what they have got up their sleeve.

Avatar image for Iranazi

Can't really make a judgement here I guess, haven't played any Slitherine games before. All I know is that I love the Dawn of War franchise, and Space Marine's a cool game. So yeah idk what Warhammer 40k would be like as a turn based strategy game, but it could be very cool.

Avatar image for Hairygrim

Turn-based strategy? I-...I get my XCOM40k?

Welp, that's me hyped.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Hairygrim I thought about about XCOM as well when I saw this game was turn-based. Haven't heard a lot of other games being turn-based, so this is good for TBS fans. I'm more interested in Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium, since I haven't played many TBS games, but it seems nice to be able to take your time and think your strategic choices over, so maybe I'll check this out as well.

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@Hurvl - Whatever happened to Dark Millennium anyways? Last I heard THQ was contradicting itself over its MMO status & even whether it was still in development or not. Did another company buy it when their franchises were auctioned off?

And I imagine that it would play a lot like one of Games Workshop's tabletop games (dunno which, would depend on the size of your force), which is great for me because I haven't been involved it the hobby for a couple of years now thanks to time/uni/apathy.

Avatar image for Rafiky77

turn based GW game, yes please! will keep an eye on this one, might be bobbins but crossed fingers

Avatar image for The3rdGracchus

This is some white hot bullshit, son.Those dudes haven't done anything worth talking about in tones other than scorn. The made a damn Ice Road Truckers game for the history channel. Urgh.

Avatar image for Morphine_OD

I don't think Relic will be out of the picture, rather this game will be another spin-off with tactical gameplay ala XCOM and Relic will later make another Dawn of War

Avatar image for Phrosnite

OMG! If it's not Relic, the 40k games are doomed to suck. Pity... I guess I'll get my 40k fix from the novels now...

Avatar image for 1234ritchie

Isn't this that Space Hulk game that was teased like 3 months ago? (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about)

Edit: Maybe not, that ios by a company called Full Control. My bad people!

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WTF? they took the rights from Relic and gave them to those who ever the frak they are? i hope its just this game then relic starts working on the 40K games again.

Avatar image for kelborn3

@gamingfrendly Slitherin has created awesome games over the years. I still remember Spartan and gates of Troy. Also Panzer Corps and Commander the Great War were trully grand and awesome games. They release quality games and they are good and i mean that.

Avatar image for SauhlGood

@kelborn3 @gamingfrendly you better be right, relic has done a decent job with 40k, never heard of slitherin thou

Avatar image for kelborn3

@Seth_Defiler @Death_Emu5 @SauhlGood @kelborn3 @gamingfrendly Guys seriously Slitherin is a good company and its turn based games are really great. Also it will be a nice change of pace going from the mediocrity that was space marine and the rts style of dawn of war 2 to the beginning of them all. Give them a chance. Im sure u wont regret it. I currently have high hopes for this one.

Avatar image for Seth_Defiler

@Death_Emu5 @SauhlGood @kelborn3 @gamingfrendly I'm afraid Space Marine is dead, there was some time ago info that THQ will not make second part of this game. But now THQ is dead, so maybe somebody will try to make part II.

Avatar image for Death_Emu5

@SauhlGood @kelborn3 @gamingfrendly In other words, Relic will still likely develop the Dawn of War franchise and Space Marine, as long as whoever picks them up are not retarded.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

@SauhlGood Slitherin create mostly turn based strategy games that is why they are not so famous

Avatar image for Death_Emu5

@SauhlGood @kelborn3 @gamingfrendly Relic didn't have the rights, THQ did.

Avatar image for commander1122

hmm....not RTS ?? now is turn-based strateg?

Avatar image for dark_sith_

Slitherine and Warhammer? Awesome combination. Their previous work was never graphically engaging, but gameplay was always robust and interesting, offering players the opportunity to engage in strategic battles of the two world wars in a more tabletop manner. If you want to see what they are all about, try the excellent Panzer Corps (basically a spiritual sequel to the classics like Panzer Generals 2) or Commander: The Great War.

This will be more like the old Warhammer 40K: Rites of War than Dawn of War, which is fine in my book. Only Relic should dabble in DoW. And a great TBS set in Warhammer universe is long overdue. Slitherine is the best choice to tackle that challenge.

Avatar image for singhellotaku

Probably Dawn of War 3, i seem to recall hearing that was in development at some point, I'd love a sequel to space marine though, that games multi was great. I'll be happy with either as long as relic is making it

Avatar image for 501stormtrooper

I love Dawn of War, so this could be the next good thing. Hopefully, they don't focus too much on the SPESS MEHREENS and give the other factions a spotlight too. DoW: Retribution's campaign is pretty much the same for all factions.

Avatar image for InquisitorCrox

Slitherine Who???

OMG terrible news regarding the expected quality of the graphics and game mechanics...

Good news are that at least someone is onto it, GW will have a firm grip on this and hopefully will make it very close to the tabletop, a dominion Slitherine seems to have a lot of experience.

I guess thats a fair well to the Dawn of war series and Angelo's 3 man squads.

And fair well to all possible action spin offs, like the space marine sequel or the Dark millenium project...

Maybe at 2015 i could play a 4ok game in my tablet, as long as it can compete with Chaos gate, i ll be in!

Avatar image for keyb0red

oh yeah baby. bring it on

Avatar image for greasemonkey42

What about Space Marine?? D:

Avatar image for evilwark

It might just be me, but I would be ever so happy with a straight port of the tabletop game. Use tabletop rules, allow for army customizations, die rolls, measuring tape, etc... While many would say "Why not just play tabletop?" A: not everyone knows enough players, or lives near a gamecenter. B: some people (myself) are self-conscious about our painting abilities. C: for anyone truly unaware, the tabletop game can be quite expensive. D: This could bring more players to the tabletop version, sort of how some players of Magic: the gathering on console or online then decide to start buying actual cards and decks.

Avatar image for s5s5stan

my god eddie u always get the juiciest and best news

Avatar image for Atheosis

Looking them up, it seems like Slitherine has a good handle on strategy design, but technically (graphics, etc.) they seem rather sub-par.

Avatar image for boromirofgeo

finally, proper TB(turn-based) RPG warhammer.

industry seriously lacks good tbrpg's.

Avatar image for berserker66666

Wait, is it gonna be full turn based, or do we get to play real time battles with base building, like Dawn of War Dark Crusade and Soulstorm?

Avatar image for feleas


translation: I want... NOW!

Avatar image for vadagar1

ahh turned base.. me like

Avatar image for mAArdman

please don't screw this up

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

I wouldn't say no to a sequel of the Space Marine title. The first one left quite a cliffhanger ending for a sequel, I really want to see what will happen with Titus.

Avatar image for GatorMan

@Darkhol0w I enjoyed it as well. Would love if there was more to come.

Avatar image for the_hunger

Although I really like Relic's Dawn of War games, I think that it's a good thing for future W40K games to be made simultaneously by different companies, including Relic. I am partial to RTS games, but W40K games in other genres such as turn-based, roleplaying, FPS, etc. could be great.

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