New Warcraft Movie Trailer Shows Off Wizard Khadgar

Khadgar performs a couple different spells in the latest Warcraft character video.


We're about a month away from the release of Warcraft in theaters, and production company Legendary Entertainment has posted another character video to its YouTube channel. This time, it features human wizard Khadgar, who's played by Ben Schnetzer in the upcoming movie.

Unsurprisingly, the wizard performs some magic but not before coming in on a Gryphon and checking out his glow-in-the-dark tattoo--actually, it's more likely some kind of foreboding mark. He then performs different spells including one that grants him a shield, a second that shoots fire, and a third that hits an orc with lightning. You can see it all for yourself in the video below.

This is the fourth character trailer released for Warcraft. It followed trailers for orc leader Durotan, human warrior Lothar, and the half-orc assassin, Garona. It wouldn't be surprising if we saw more character videos before the movie hits theaters. Others that could be featured in the future include orc lieutenant Orgrim, Horde warchief Blackhand, and orc warlock Gul'Dan. King Llane Wrynn could also get his own video.

Warcraft opens in theaters on June 10 and stars Schnetzer, Travis Fimmel (Lothar), Paula Patton (Garona), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim), and Dominic Cooper (King Llane). Duncan Jones directed the movie and has helmed past films like Moon and Source Code.

The Warcraft director recently talked about Spider-Man director Sam Raimi's version of the video game movie and how it had a "fundamental" problem. His own version will deviate from the game's lore, but he says that shouldn't worry you.

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