New WandaVision Trailer Teases The Future Of The MCU On Disney+

The first Disney+ MCU TV show looks weirder by the minute.


It's officially 2021, and while that may not mean much considering the ongoing pandemic and quarantine, it finally means we have some bright spots to look forward to in the entertainment world. Disney+'s first MCU TV show, WandaVision, is going to start streaming on January 15, just a week away.

To celebrate, Disney has released a brand new teaser trailer full of new details for the surreal, retro-flavored show. Take a look at it now.

Interestingly, this particular clip focuses on Kathryn Hahn's Agnes, a character who fans assume will be analogous to the witch Agatha Harkness from Marvel Comics. If the teaser is to be believed, it would seem that Agnes has something to do with Wanda and Vision's bizarre status quo--though there's a brief moment at the end where we see Wanda facing off against a bright yellow glow which could potentially be a sign of Vision's very own Infinity Stone--the Mind Stone, to be exact--playing some role as well.

All in all, it seems like WandaVision is going to give off some serious Truman Show-type vibes, with a very superheroic twist.

In a press release, Disney also highlighted the show's music with composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who are responsible for the music of Frozen, along with a number of other well-known works. "I grew up in the '80s watching shows from every decade on the networks all day long. Episodes from I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, and Family Ties shaped who I am and how I move through the world," Anderson-Lopez explained, "so this project was a dream come true." So we can expect to see some clear inspiration drawn from those vintage titles as well, on top of all the cosmic craziness.

WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ on January 15.

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