New WandaVision Toy Might Have Just Spoiled The Show - Report

The new Mini-mates series has Wanda and another familiar face that might have given away the big bad of the show.


The mystery of WandaVision is ever-evolving with each episode. The mention of Ultron sort of snapped Wanda out of her fabricated reality and pushed SWORD agent Monica Rambeau out of Westview. It now seems the true villain of the show has been revealed.


Now earlier this week, alleged leaks were posted online about Episode 6, over on Twitter, which has epic ramifications for Wanda, Vision, and their family. But, much like how Endgame was spoiled by Hasbro releasing the makeshift Infinity Gauntlet months before the movie hit theaters, another toy reveal might have given a name to WandaVision's big villain.

Spoilers ahead so turn back now if you don't want to know.

Tweets have appeared online showcasing a two-pack of upcoming Minimates, if true, that features none other than Scarlet Witch and Mephisto. Sources close to GameSpot could not confirm nor deny the possible Mephisto turn in WandaVision, but the package below looks pretty official--or a very convincing fan creation. Check out the reported packaging below.

Looking at this image, it matches similar toy packaging with The Falcon and Winter Solider toys as well. Also, this is only the second Mephisto, as the other one released in 2009 has a completely different look and build. It looks like this version has wilder hair as also Wanda is different from her previous releases.

The theory that Mephisto will be joining WandaVision is nothing new. Something we've actually theorized and mentioned before the show dropped back in December. Taking in consideration of the recent leaks in addition to this, on top of the fact that in the speculation market, Mephisto's first appearance--Silver Surfer #3--goes for over $1,000 properly graded and climbing.

Obviously like most Marvel productions, things are pretty much locked up tight with how things are released. Even stars of WandaVision have talked about how difficult it is to keep secrets about the plot and production. Not everybody can be Tom Holland--accidentally spoiling things to the masses on the regular.

WandaVision airs Fridays, only on Disney+.

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