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New WandaVision Makeup Line Lets You Create Magical Looks Inspired By Each Decade

The new WandaVision x Ulta collab includes everything you need to recreate Wanda's iconic looks in the '60s, '70s, and beyond.

The WandaVision x Ulta makeup collection is available now.
The WandaVision x Ulta makeup collection is available now.

Collabs between cosmetics companies and pop culture franchises are becoming a regular occurrence these days; in the past year alone, we've seen some stunning makeup collections inspired by Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and even Baby Yoda. The latest beauty collab comes from Ulta and celebrates the recent Disney+ hit WandaVision with a line of eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses, gel liners, and more. An official collaboration with Marvel Studios, the WandaVision x Ulta collection features red-themed packaging and focuses on makeup inspired by the various decades WandaVision takes place in, starting with the '50s and continuing through the '90s and beyond. The product names are also inspired by the Marvel show, such as "Hexed," "Distortion," and "Please Stand By."

This is quite a large collection, with 15 different products up for purchase on Ulta's website, and there's something for pretty much every type of makeup wearer, whether you like dramatic eye looks, lots of glitter, or natural shades. Notably, the WandaVision collection includes an "eyeshadow vault" that comes with three six-shade palettes. The '50s/'60s palette features matte, dusty cool tone shades, while the '70s palette includes bronze tones with pops of shimmery purple. Finally, the '80s/'90s palette has bolder shades ranging from blue to pink and silver. You can get the entire WandaVision Eyeshadow Vault for $20.

As a fan of colorful eye looks, I love this 4-piece gel eyeliner kit that's inspired by the bright, bold looks of the '80s: Frequency (black), Static (pink), Haywire (purple), and Distortion (blue). The wing-tip liner duo also lets you more easily achieve a striking cat-eye look. For those who like to shimmer, this liquid eye shadow looks absolutely stunning, and for those who like a dramatic look, there's even a three-piece lash set to let you capture Wanda's look from the '60s.

Finally, I have to shout out my favorite product in the collection, which isn't makeup at all: a bright red cosmetics bag with a gold zipper and pattern inspired by the WandaVision logo. There's even a gold logo that references Wanda's Halloween costume, making this bag an awesome get for makeup-wearing fans of the show. The WandaVision cosmetics bag sells for $16 and would be perfect for storing your makeup at home or taking it on the go. And if you've been needing new brushes lately, you could pick up this matching five-piece brush set that comes with its own small red bag (which could fit inside of the larger one). Each brush has a gold handle with a tiny WandaVision logo on it.

You can see the entire WandaVision makeup line exclusively at Ulta. Plus, check out our breakdown of the WandaVision finale, our favorite theories, and why critics of WandaVision are missing the point.

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