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New Walking Dead Strategy Game Announced For Mobile

The Walking Dead: Survivors is coming this summer to iOS and Android.


A new Walking Dead video game has been announced. Called The Walking Dead: Survivors, the strategy game is in development for iOS and Android and features familiar characters from the comics. The game challenges players to build a town and then defend it from not only other players, but also zombies walkers.

Rick, Maya, Vayne, Glenn, and Dwight are featured in Survivors, along with other characters to be revealed later. There are "combat" survivors who are in charge of doing battle, while "development" survivors are used to build and improve a settlement to protect it from the undead.

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As a strategy game, players will decide how and where to build their bases and which characters to promote as they try to stay alive against the hordes of undead. For attackers, these take the form of melee, sharpshooters, and cavalry, and each can be upgraded to help you survive longer. When playing defense against the zombies, you'll need to place obstacles and fortify your positions.

After fighting against zombies, the villainous Negan comes knocking with his group of "Saviours." At that point you'll need to assemble your own clan to go up against him.

Survivors is scheduled to release in summer 2021. You can pre-register for the game on iOS in the US and UK and Android in the US right now. The game is developed by Chinese studio Elex in partnership with Walking Dead rights-owner Skybound.

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